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  • Microsoft Store

    Office 365 free for students and teachers

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Updated 16 Oct | Back to School discount codes

Available offers Code Ends
Office 365 free for students and teachers ***** 31 Dec
Save 22% on Philips Steam Generators Irons when you spend min £150 ***** 28 Oct
Enjoy 10% savings on all goods with this Groupon voucher code ***** 27 Oct
Students get 10% off Surface devices and accessories ***** 12 Dec
Last update   16 Oct

Back to School 2019 Sales: Buy school supplies for less with discount codes

When the Back to School period rolls around, so do some welcome deals on school supplies. Both online and offline, shops will be trying to boost their numbers with sales and special offers to bring in custom -- good news for thrifty parents who need to kit out their children for the autumn term. If your kid has had a growth spurt over the summer, as many do, last year's uniform may not fit anymore. Your child may also be starting a new school this year or the uniform may have changed; there's no point looking for deals on grey school trousers if their new high school's uniform is black.

It's not easy getting your kids ready for the new school year but with sales on back to school supplies, school uniforms and more, you needn't break the bank. Fortunately, you can save even more money with exclusive offers and deals on school supplies and voucher codes for all your child's needs. Whether it's a school bag, a pinafore dress for school or school folders and loose-leaf pads, you can get the best deals if you look for discounts. Don't forget to look for deals on technology for school. When you know where to look you can make significant savings on all kinds of items, from a Currys' tablet or a phone from Argos to stationery from Asda. If you want to know more about the best special offers and back to school sales, read on.

What is Back to School and when do sales start in 2019?

With most schools starting the autumn term in mid-September at the latest, the back to school UK period usually begins in July and August. This is the narrow window of opportunity that parents and students have to ensure that children will have everything they need for the coming school year. This is the very best time to start stocking up on your back to school requisites. Most large stores like John Lewis start their sales in August but you can start looking for deals right now, while there's still plenty of time to ensure that you get everything before term starts. Even though sales often continue right up till September, it's a good idea to start shopping as soon as possible. When a hot deal on a desirable item like a HP laptop becomes available, stocks don't last long. You also need to allow enough time for items to be delivered if you buy online from sites like eBay. The last thing you or your kids need on the first day of term is to discover that you've missed some crucial item from their back to school list.

Here are some back to school checklist ideas to help you decide what to look out for when you're shopping.

  • School uniforms: What items will they need? Are there different summer and winter uniforms?
  • School shoes: Do your child's school shoes fit? Do they have the right trainers for PE? Shoes are often getting a little shabby by the end of the year so now is a good time to replace them.
  • Sports kit: If your child plays a sport, they may need specific clothes, footwear or sporting goods.
  • Art supplies: Paper, paints, portfolios and folders.
  • Food: Does your child need a lunch-box for school? Stock up on non-perishable snacks and drinks.

Find lower prices on laptops and tablets with the best Back to School 2019 UK deals

Electronics should feature on any list of back to school items. Computers, tablets and similar items aren't just luxuries for today's students; they're indispensable. Some classes may require items like a scientific calculator. Highschoolers in particular need calculators for maths and science, laptops for essay-writing and computer skills -- and then there are those all-important mobile phones that today's children can't do without. The cost of electronics can be a real headache but you can cut costs dramatically if you shop around and find money-off deals. The latest Samsung tablet or Dell computer may not come cheap, but with money-off deals they're much more affordable.

Students often need a computer for typing up their homework or running software for certain classes. It can also be very useful for a student to have a laptop or a tablet with a keyboard so they can take notes in class. Today's laptops and tablets range from the small inexpensive to larger, more powerful models aimed at students who need additional processing power, for example to run graphics or engineering software. When you're picking up electronics for your kids, make sure the device you're buying can run the software they'll be using. Getting an Android tablet when they need to run Microsoft software could be a big problem, so check carefully before you buy.

Deals on electronics range from in-store discounts and nationwide sales to voucher codes for shopping online. These can make a big difference to the amount you end up paying.

Back to Uni 2019: where to find the best student discounts

Back to school offers aren't just for children in primary school or high school. You or your older kids may be heading off to Uni this autumn. This is an exciting time -- but it's vital to be prepared. Alongside stationery and textbooks, today's students need the right electronic devices: an Apple iPad for art and design, a Lenovo ThinkPad workstation for an engineering course, a reliable HP laptop for typing up notes and essays. These may not come cheap but you can find great student discounts in stores as well as online. Some universities offer discounted electronics through campus stores; you may also be able to get discounts on electronics if you have a student email. Don't forget to look into discounts on any software you may need; the student version is always cheaper but you can save even more with NUS student discounts and voucher codes. As well as obvious items like textbooks and stationery, you can also find student reductions on things like clothing or restaurants.