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Did you know that statistically a bed mattress should be replaced every 8 years? If you have had your mattress longer than that, you need to get a new one. Mattresses can be the... [Find out more]

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Casper the place where dreams are made

So you are losing out on sleep? Sleep is just as equally important for our health as our diet and lifestyle, which is why it's important we get enough to be able to do our day to day activities. Shopping for Caspers lines, will help you to get the best sleep you have had in a long time. You can create the custom bed, you have always wanted for less with Casper promo codes. To begin there are a range of mattresses available, from single to super king size. There are three models of mattress, "The casper" which includes memory foam, to be able to support your bodies every position while sleeping and mould its perfect position. "The essential" mattress is designed for those with back problems, to give optimum support while still super comfortable to sleep on. Then there is the newest "the Hybrid" mattress which is a collection of memory foam and coils, designed for maximum support. Hybrid mattresses are perfect for all seasons, designed to keep you warmer in Winter and cooler in the Summer.

Never worry about stubbing your toe again in the dark

In addition to the sleep items that are available at Casper, they also offer their glow product. Designed and patented exclusively from them, this is the bedside lamp you cannot be without. First of all its wireless, so apart from the charger you don't need to worry about having a plug socket near by. The glow light is designed for so many functions, you can programme it to naturally dim to help you drift off to sleep, and in the morning to slowly brighten to help you wake up feeling refreshed naturally. If you find yourself up in the night for bathroom visits, you don't need to worry about disturbing your partner, grab the glow lamp and turn it upside down and you have a dim, night light to help guide your way without turning on a lamp, or bumping into anything. And of course using it for reading while in bed, while enjoying its warm cosy glow. If you want it brighter, simply turn it to brighten, or if you want it more dim turn it the other way. There are so many reasons to enjoy this bedside lamp.

Bed frames and bedding, for your new mattress

It would be no use having just a mattress, but to enjoy what the mattress is on and what keeps you snug at night. Casper have a great range of bed frames to compliment your new mattress, including the adjustable base. This bed frame is designed for those people who have different sleeping patterns and find they constantly disturb each other when moving around at night. Naturally some people are more restless in bed than others. The adjustable frame is operated by remote, to adjust the bed for the best sleep aid. For those who like to be propped up a little it's perfect, so that your partner can get the best sleep without them being woken. Two single casper mattresses are needed for those who decide to purchase this bed frame.

With Casper voucher codes, you can also save on their hybrid bedding range. It makes no sense to have two duvets for the year for winter and summer, when a Casper Hybrid duvet does both. Designed and made with merino wool, this is the duvet that keeps you cooler on warm nights, and warmer on cooler nights, without the need to swap. It has good moisture prevention so you can be certain to have a duvet that will last you years. So if you are in need of a good night's sleep, head over online to Casper to help you get back to the land of dreams.