Lenovo has a big launch planned with the tagline 'Betterway' and you can get a live video stream of the event here.

Following on from celebrity tie-ups like Intel and Will.i.am and BlackBerry and Alicia Keys, Lenovo has got Ashton Kutcher and Hunter Hunted in for this event. UK time it will start at 2am tonight.

"Please join Ashton Kutcher and musical guest, Hunter Hunted, in a LIVE global webcast launching Lenovo's latest exciting product innovation that will bring users a better way. Broadcast from YouTube Space Los Angeles, home for YouTube creators, this event begins Tuesday,Oct. 29th @7pm (PT),10pm (EST), Oct 30th (outside of the Americas)." said Lenovo.

With the launch of the iPad Air and Surface 2 tablets, it's thought that Lenovo will be unveiling a new tablet. It will probably be a Windows 8 laptop and tablet hybrid with some alternative design, going on the 'betterway' tag.

We'll be attending the Milan leg of the launch so stay tuned for the news and hands-on with the mystery device. This teaser image is certainly interesting.

Lenovo Betterway tablet

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