ZAGGmate w/keyboard for iPad

Rating 4/5
Value 3/5

Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2

The manufacturers claim that this is the 'perfect companion for your iPad 2' and although that may be a bit of a bold and brash claim, it's not far from the truth. The ZAGGmate provides a full qwerty, island style keyboard to provide more typing room, that works well on both your desk and your lap alike. The ZAGGmate has sucked up to the iPad colour scheme and texture by matching it almost shamelessly, but don't be fooled by its teacher's pet looks, this is no soft touch, as it is built from aircraft-grade aluminium with military-grade high-density padding to protect your iPad when you inevitably drop it. The features don't stop there either! Special function keys include; music control, volume control, slideshow, home, and search keys while the case is fitted with magnets that automatically wakes up and puts your iPad 2 to sleep whenever you open or close the Zaggmate. With all these features it almost justifies the hefty price tag, but not quite, £79 for what is essentially just a keyboard is a lot of money whichever way you try and dress it up.


Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

Rating 4/5
Value 3/5

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

If you're an Apple-head and you feel the need to match up your Apple products, then this is obviously the one you're going to go for. But it's not just a one trick pony that sells because its vegan friendly logo - Apple have come up with some nifty features for their official iPad typer. Apart from the futuristic and ultra receptive low-profile qwerty keyboard and 'anodised aluminium enclosure' it also doubles up as a charging dock, iPad angle adjuster (for watching videos) and has a secondary port that allows you to connect your iPod to your TV or computer while charging and typing at the same time. A very clever keyboard indeed.


Freedom Pro Keyboard

Rating 3/5
Value 4/5

Freedom Pro Keyboard

Now this really is a clever little keyboard. Not only does it fold in half - which is perfect for when you are travelling - but it also connects to a number of devices such as the iPad 1 and 2, iPhones, Windows Mobile Phones, Blackberrys, PCs and Android devices through its HIM or SPP Bluetooth profiles. A downside to this keyboard is that you have to buy a stand for you iPad separately, but that's about the only real negative thing we could find. The price is good, the keys feel nice and the AAA battery life is very impressive (90 hours).



Sena Keyboard Folio

£91 + £6 shipping fee.
Rating 3.5/5
Value 2/5

Sena iPad Keybaord

Here's an iPad keyboard for the business class. The Sena Keyboard Folio hand-crafted quality full grain leather case comes with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard which is perfect for any business of formal setting. The keyboard comes with all the sound/music control buttons you'd expect in a top-end keyboard as well as a collapsible back-stand that you can manipulate for improved iPad viewing. One major plus point for this refined iPad accessory is the impressive battery life that the 2.0 Bluetooth keyboard boasts - you can type away constantly on these keys for approximately 45 hours without a charge. The Folio is available in a range of leather shades too, so you can match your iPad with your boots and belt if you so wish.


Kensington Keyboard Folio

Rating 3/5
Price 4/5

Kensington KeyFolio

Although the Kensington Keyboard Folio is essentially a budget version of the Sena Keyboard Folio, it does have some plucky attributes of its own. Take for example the rubber keys that the Kensington have opted for - not just good attribute for its splash resistance and finger feel, but also a well thought out anti-scratch feature for when you close the folio, as the rubber keys will not scratch damage the iPad's precious screen at all. One drawback that is pretty evident is that the keyboard is on the smaller side and typing does become less than ideal after longer periods of use. All in all though it's a satisfactory little keyboard and case combo that comes at an affordable price.