Watch video coverage of the Samsung Galaxy Premiere event from New York. Watch the Galaxy Premiere event, 2014, as Samsung launches the Galaxy Tab S range and more. (See also: 25 best tablets of 2014 UK.)

Watch again Samsung's 2014 Galaxy Premiere event, from New York in the early hours of June 13 2014. Click the video above to watch again.

Samsung Galaxy Premiere 2014 event: what happened

The very fact that the word 'Galaxy' was in the title was a strong clue, as was the tagline for the event 'Tab into color' [SIC]. We expect to see tablets launched, and we expected them to have Samsung's trademark colourful OLED displays. On both counts we were correct.

It turns out Samsung was - as rumoured - working on a new line-up of tablets, known as the Galaxy Tab S range. The Galaxy Tab S devices borrow design features from Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone, and were announced last night at Samsung Galaxy Premiere 2014.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S comes in two sizes, the first with a screen that measures 8.4in diagonally, and the second with a 10.5in screen. Both have high-resolution Super AMOLED displays, according to reports. You can read all about the two new tablets in our reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 hands-on review and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 hands-on review. We've also compared them to other popular tablets in our articles Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 vs iPad Air, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs iPad mini 2.

Finally, be sure to check out all the launch details in our articles: Galaxy Tab S 10.5 release date, price and specs and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 release date, price and specs.

The processor of the new tablets is an Exynos 5 Octa processor. It'll boast 3GB RAM, an IR sensor, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera and Android 4.4 KitKat. WiFi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and LTE are also expected.

Samsung Galaxy Premiere 2014 event: what, when, where

On the very early morning of Friday June 13 Samsung held its Galaxy Premiere event. Samsung Galaxy Premiere was held at Madison Square Gardens in New York, at the frankly unhelpful time of 12am UK time (it was 7pm in the Big Apple, to be fair). Despite the cost in overtime PC Advisor brought you live coverage of the Samsung Galaxy Premiere event, combined with the best analysis of the announcements and the best first-look reviews of new products.

Samsung Galaxy Premiere 2014 event: what we saw in 2013

Samsung held a 'Premiere' event in 2013, at which it unveiled a whole bunch o' stuff. We saw for the first time the Samsung Ativ Q tablet-laptop hybrid and the Ativ Tab 3- a more traditional tablet. Also announced was the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus - a 13-inch touchscreen laptop - as well as a more affordable Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite version (See also: Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus and Book 9 review). Samsung also announced an all-in-one desktop PC, dubbed the Ativ One 5 Style.

Youll note that none of these was a 'Galaxy' product, but Samsung also launched some of those, including the Samsung Galaxy NX camera and the Samsung Galaxy 4 Zoom smartphone camera (See our Galaxy S4 Zoom review).

Samsung Galaxy Premiere 2014 event: what Samsung said before the event

Not a lot. There's the 'Tab into color' catchline on the invite, but that's about it. The Wall Street Journal had an interview with Samsung Mobile CEO JK Shin in which he revealed that the event will focus on tablets. In it he says: 'Samsung will launch a new line of tablets for the first time in New York on June 12 at Madison Square Garden as it attempts to catch up to rivals like Apple Inc.'

And, well, that's it. Stay tuned to PC Advisor on June 12. (See also: Best Android tablets 2014.)

Samsung Galaxy Premiere 2014 invite