PC Advisor reviews the best finance software you can install today.

1. Business Accountz 2012

Business Accountz 2012
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  • Reviewed on: 4 January 2012

We like that Business Accountz 2012 has the Eazy button the simplifies, well, everything. This software is full featured and lets you self submit your VAT return. It's just a shame it links to a third-party Payroll service rather than having an integrated offering.

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2. Sage Instant Accounts

Sage Instant Accounts
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  • Reviewed on: 15 June 2010

Sage Instant Accounts is full-featured software that offers good value for money to small business users. It's easy to use, and fulfils a host of functions. But the activation process is uneccessarily complicated, and there are a few features that some of our user group would like to see.

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3. BizExpense for iPhone

BizExpense for iPhone
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  • Reviewed on: 24 January 2010

I found that expenses are easy to enter and reconcile, and the resulting spreadsheet is simple to copy and paste into other formats if accounting won't take the BizExpense file. There are a number of App Store applications that say they do expense reports, but BizExpense seems to have the best combination of features without requiring you to subscribe to an external service.

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4. BrainDistrict LifeAssets 1.1

BrainDistrict LifeAssets 1.1
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  • Reviewed on: 3 March 2010

While BrainDistrict LifeAssets 1.1 is an interesting financial planning application, it's also the kind of tool that feels like it should be part of a larger, more full-featured financial app. The linear view of your financial future is unique as far as forecasting tools go, but LifeAsset's uniqueness doesn't make it a financial planning necessity.

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5. Sage One Payroll

Sage One Payroll
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  • Reviewed on: 18 April 2012

For a product emphasising efficiency for business owners, Sage One Payroll is not as seamless as it could be. Entering information other than basic salary details (for example, overtime pay) proved problematic, as did the number of manual inputs that were difficult to amend later. Positive aspects of this online software package included adequate functionality for micro-businesses, 24-hour telephone support, ability to use on the go (especially on an iPhone/iPad), all at a highly affordable price.

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