PC Advisor reviews the best reference/education software tools you can use.

1. Rosetta Stone Espanol Level 1, 2 & 3

Rosetta Stone Espanol Level 1, 2 & 3
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  • Reviewed on: 20 April 2010

Quite simply the best language-learning software there is, Rosetta Stone Espanol Level 1, 2 & 3 allows you to immerse yourself in Spanish without leaving your home. The depth of content is unsurpassed and - glory be! - Rosetta Stone Espanol Level 1, 2 & 3 makes learning fun. It would be overkill to buy this product if you simply wish to learn a few phrases before a holiday, but if you are serious about learning a language, Rosetta Stone is the best you can get.

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2. Keyboard Pro

Keyboard Pro
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  • Reviewed on: 16 February 2010

For anyone who wants an accessible and professional way to learn touch typing, this online training course will prove an invaluable investment at just £35 for the entire course. Businesses can also take advantage of 12-month multi-user licences to advance employees’ office skills and productivity.

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3. WordQ + SpeakQ

WordQ + SpeakQ
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  • Reviewed on: 25 February 2011

A collection of brief, easy-to-follow instructional videos at the goqsoftware.com site make it easier to get up and running. A generous 30-day trial period of full program functionality offers enough time to decide if it's a must-have. WordQ + SpeakQ costs $199 to register a single installation from an online download; $279 if you prefer a dual (home and school) installation from a DVD. WordQ by itself runs $149 for a single online download or $199 for the dual installation; there is no standalone SpeakQ download. Educators and therapists in the field may be eligible for a complimentary professional licence. Although WordQ + SpeakQ has a UK website, the prices are all in US dollars.

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4. Help by Leo

Help by Leo
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  • Reviewed on: 17 February 2011

All in all, Help by Leo was indeed helpful - most of the time. It did occasionally stumble, but not so often that I'd hesitate to recommend it. Leo will prove especially useful to software newbies who are intimidated by text-heavy help menus, and would benefit from the application's ability to complete tasks for them. If you're looking at this as a way to ease your transition to Office 2010 from an earlier version, though, you might be disappointed with what you find.



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5. App Savvy

App Savvy
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  • Reviewed on: 1 December 2010

App Savvy by Ken Yarmosh is a great primer for anyone interested in creating, marketing and selling their own iPhone or iPad apps. It’s written clearly and benefits greatly (as will the reader) from a series of interviews with successful app developers and marketers.

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