PC Advisor reviews the best Apple iPad Apps available right now.

1. Ignition

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  • Reviewed on: 12 July 2010

As apps go it's not cheap, but we're smitten with LogMeIn Ignition. Easy to install and use, cool and practical. On the iPhone or a Google Android smartphone it makes remote access of your desktop PC simple, and useful. And on the iPad or an Android tablet, it makes Apple's uber gizmo as useful as a high-end laptop.

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2. ArtStudio for iPad - draw, paint and edit photo

ArtStudio for iPad - draw, paint and edit photo
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  • Reviewed on: 6 December 2010

ArtStudio is a nice application to use, and once you understand that you need to tap and hold on a tool to reveal its many customising options, you’ll see just how powerful and versatile it can be.

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3. Angry Birds HD

Angry Birds HD
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  • Reviewed on: 8 July 2010

Fans of the iPhone version balked at the HD iteration when it was first released, since it didn’t offer anything new beyond the improved graphics. However, since its initial release, Angry Birds has been upgraded to include even more levels, a new bird type, and hidden golden eggs to find. It is now definitely worth the purchase for new gamers as well as existing fans. Angry Birds HD is compatible with any iPad that is running the iPhone 3.2 software update or later.

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4. Osmos for iPad

Osmos for iPad
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  • Reviewed on: 9 July 2010

One of the best games we've played so far this year. An utterly serene, yet fiendishly complicated game that deserves a place in every iPad owners collection.

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5. FTP on the Go for iPhone

FTP on the Go for iPhone
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  • Reviewed on: 24 January 2010

Though FTP on the Go is superb for taking care of a basic business maintenance function, it is also a sophisticated piece of software that turns your iPhone into a serious tool for managing files and Web sites. If you maintain your own site or part of your job description includes site maintenance, the day will likely come when an FTP server is a job-saving tool. When that day arrives, FTP on the Go is a must-have application in the palm of your hand.

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