PC Advisor reviews the best external Blu-ray/DVD drives you can buy in the UK right now.

1. LG BE12LU38.AUAE10B

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  • Reviewed on: 17 January 2012

Using four-speed TDK media we recorded 21GB of data in a very fast 15 mins 48 sec.

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2. Asus SBW-06C1S-U Slim

Asus SBW-06C1S-U Slim
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  • Reviewed on: 16 January 2012

The Asus is a good external Blu-ray writer, provided you have enough USB ports on your laptop to power it. Its performance in our tests with both four- and six-speed media was slow, but reliable. This drive is also quiet, portable and affordable.

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3. Buffalo MediaStation BR3D-12U3

Buffalo MediaStation BR3D-12U3
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  • Reviewed on: 17 January 2012

The Buffalo MediaStation BR3D-12U3 performed well as a writer and a player, with a good turn of speed and low noise levels. For general video editing there’s better software out there than the bundled Cyberlink suite.

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4. Buffalo MediaStation BR-X816U2

Buffalo MediaStation BR-X816U2
  • Reviewed on: 16 January 2012

This well-priced external drive makes its presence known with a bulky power adaptor. The Buffalo is by no means portable, but offers very good performance with today’s recordable Blu-ray media.

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5. TDK TB150U

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  • Reviewed on: 19 January 2012

This is Its more than up to the job and, indeed, faster than its rivals, but you can do better for your money.

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