PC Advisor reviews and ranks the best modem routers you can buy in the UK today. (Also see: Group test: what's the best wireless router?)

1. D-Link DIR-857 Dualband HD Media Router

D-Link DIR-857 Dualband HD Media Router
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  • Reviewed on: 25 June 2012

Although the DIR 857 is an excellent device, we question whether it's worth spending so much on an 802.11n router right now, when the newer and potentially faster 802.11ac standard is just around the corner. But if you're after excellent performance today from a known standard, the DIR-857 is a good choice.

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2. AVM Fritz!box Fon Wireless Lan 7390

AVM Fritz!box Fon Wireless Lan 7390
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  • Reviewed on: 20 September 2011

Admittedly, the AVM Fritz!box Fon Wireless Lan 7390 is a very expensive router, and the multitude of extras isn't necessary for basic home networking. However there's little else to fault AVM on in their design of the 7390, as it is clear plenty of thought has gone into every aspect of this router.

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3. Belkin N750 DB

Belkin N750 DB
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  • Reviewed on: 3 November 2011

If you already have a working 802.11n router, you probably don't need to jump on Belkin's N750 DB just because it's new. However, if you're struggling with dead zones for one or more of your wireless devices, then there's more than enough justification for the upgrade.



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4. Netgear N600 DGND3700

Netgear N600 DGND3700
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  • Reviewed on: 7 September 2011

A high-end dual-band router for both cable and ADSL2+ connections that delivers excellent wireless speeds

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5. TP-Link W8961ND

TP-Link W8961ND
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  • Reviewed on: 2 September 2011

A no-frills router with surprisingly good wireless performance.

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