Watch again our live updated blog coverage and a video stream of the LG G3 launch where we bring you price, specs, release date and features of the new flagship smartphone.

One of the biggest smartphones of the year, LG today launched the LG G3 at numerous locations around the world. One of them was London and you can join us again to relive our live blog coverage of the LG G3 launch. On this page we'll bring you details on LG G3 price, specs, release date and features as they happen. A live video stream is above and you can follow our blog below. See also: LG G3 price, release date and specs UKLG G2 vs LG G3 comparison review and New features in LG G3.

More importantly, click here for our LG G3 hands-on review.

We're excited about the LG G3 and for good reason. For starters, it's the follow-up to our favourite smartphone of 2013, the LG G2. It's also set to trump the competition, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s, with its Quad HD screen – that's a resolution of 1440 x 2560 on a smartphone!

It's debatable whether we need that amount of pixels on a device with a 5.5in screen but we're keen to find out and will let you know what we think. The LG G3 is also set to come in a sleek brushed metal design to rival the HTC One M8 and keep those ultra-slim bezels which we love from the G2.

Unlike other smartphone makers, LG hasn't tried to keep the device a secret until launch day. It has confirmed not only the name of the G3 but the fact it will come with that Quad HD screen we mentioned already. It's also shown off the QuickCircle case which users will be able to buy for the handset.

One thing which is still very unclear is the LG G3 price which we can only guess. LG undercut many of its rivals with the G2 with its sub-£400 price tag. It would be amazing if the firm could do the same again but with the jump in technology, we expect it to be more expensive than its predecessor but hopefully cheaper than key rivals.

Hopefully your appetite is suitably whetted for the LG G3 launch. Be sure to watch again live coverage.

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