The best Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases

We've rounded up the best cases for Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones. There are tonnes of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for the robust and rugged, the sleek and stylish, or just something in between, we have you covered. Check out our buyer's guide to Galaxy S8 cases.


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  • 2 galaxy s8 accessories standing stand01 02 03 Standing Cover
  • carved case galaxy s8 satellite Carved
  • tech21 case s8 tech21
  • 2 spigen s8 slim armour Slim Armor CS
  • galaxy s8 monarch UAG Monarch
  • mophie smasung galaxy s8 battery case juice pack Mophie Juice Pack
  • olixar s8 case Olixar X-Duo
  • greenwich s8 case Greenwich folio
  • 2 samsung led cover LED Cover
  • 2 tech21 s8 clear Pure Clear
  • 2 caseology parallax galaxy s8 Parallax
  • 2 galaxy s8 cases 02 Alcantara
  • s8 peel case Peel
  • 2 ted baker galaxy s8 Ted Baker
  • best galaxy s8 cases griffin survivor clear Survivor
  • 2 speck presidio grip galaxy s8 Presidio
  • 2 rhinoshield bumper s8 CrashGuard Bumper
  • 2 unnamed 1 Mujjo Leather
  • 2 speck presidio clear and print Clear and Print
  • moshi napa s8 Moshi Napa
  • 2 olixar s8 armourdillo ArmourDillo
  • 2 snakehive galaxy s8 wallet Snakehive
  • x doria defense shield s8 X-Doria Defense Shield
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  • 2 gear4 piccadilly galaxy s8 Piccadilly
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Galaxy S8 Cases

The Galaxy S9 may be the latest from Samsung with the Galaxy S10 on its way but the Galaxy S8 is still a stellar handset and was the highlight of 2017.

The killer feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones is that stunning, bezel-free Infinity Display. But if you're spending all that money on a shiny new phone with a giant screen, you probably don't want to ruin it with a giant crack running down the middle. 

So keep your Infinity Display infinite with a protective case for your S8 or S8 Plus so you don't end up breaking it on day one. We'll also review the best Galaxy S8 battery cases here.

If you want to find out what we think of these phones, check out our S8 and S8 Plus reviews. And if you just want to go ahead and order one, we've rounded up the best S8 deals we can find.

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The Galaxy S9 may be the latest from Samsung with the Galaxy S10 on its way but the Galaxy S8 is still a stellar handset and was the highlight of 2017.

The killer feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones is that stunning, bezel-free Infinity Display. But if you're spending all that money on a shiny new phone with a giant screen, you probably don't want to ruin it with a giant crack running down the middle. 

So keep your Infinity Display infinite with a protective case for your S8 or S8 Plus so you don't end up breaking it on day one. We'll also review the best Galaxy S8 battery cases here.

If you want to find out what we think of these phones, check out our S8 and S8 Plus reviews. And if you just want to go ahead and order one, we've rounded up the best S8 deals we can find.

Samsung S8 Standing Cover

Samsung's official standing cover has a translucent front, so that you can show off the screen even with the case closed - and still check important info like the time and your notifications without even opening it up. You can even still swipe to answer or reject calls with the case closed.

There's a cut-out at the back for the camera, and the case also has a kickstand so that you can prop the phone up in landscape mode and make the most of that giant display for watching video. It's a little pricey, but this is also one of the best ways to make the most of the S8 screen while still keeping it safe.

It's available in six colours in the UK though just in black in the US if you're buying directly from Samsung. It's also available for the S8 Plus on Amazon for around £24/$49.99.

Carved Galaxy S8 Traveler Wood Case

Carved is a great choice for a case if you like wood as a material.

The US firm has loads of great designs that are handmade and laser cut. The thin and lightweight inlays sit inside a protective rubber case that completely covers the phone's metal frame and buttons. It also has a textured finish on the sides for added grip.

We're particularly impressed by the Satellite series shown on the left, which looks like a snapshot of earth from space. Carved mixes colours that compliment the grain of the wood and no two Satellite cases are the same so you're getting something truly unique.

If that isn't enough you can custom make your own with maps or artwork with the Carved Case Designer.

View the S8 Plus range on Carved starting from US$24/(around £19).

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tech21 Evo Check case for Samsung Galaxy S8

A Tech Advisor favourite, you can be sure tech21's Evo Check is a solid, hard wearing option for your S8. Provided you like the design, it comes in several colours and offers drop protection up to 3.6m.

Easily clipping in and out, the bumpers allows you to place the delicate screen face down and gives access to all ports, buttons and sensors.

The S8 Plus version are also available on Amazon for around £15 in the UK, or roughly $8.50 (including shipping) if you're in the US.

Spigen Galaxy S8 Slim Armor CS

If you want a case with a card slot, but don't want to cover up your screen with a wallet case, look no further than Spigen's Slim Armor CS. In addition to protecting your case, it slides open at the back to reveal a slot to store a couple of your most-used cards for easy(ish) access.

Yes, it's a gimmick. Yes, it looks a bit silly. But admit it - you kind of want one, right?

Urban Armor Gear Monarch case for Galaxy S8 Plus

For the uber-paranoid (or, more likely, uber-active), Urban Armor Gear's Monarch case is probably the closest you can come to guaranteeing the safety of your S8.

The toughest of the company's impressive protective range, the Monarch boasts what it calls five layer protection: an armour frame, top-grain leather, a polycarbonate plate, alloy metal, and impact-resistant rubber. 

In practice, what that means is that the Monarch feels tough. Solid. Sturdy. Nothing's getting through here. 

The only downsides are that it doesn't offer any additional protection for the screen, beyond the raised edges, and the aesthetic is, well, functional - and only available in one colour, graphite.

The availability for the S8 (non-Plus) version is limited, but US shoppers can find it on Amazon for $28.99 (it ships to the UK for an additional US$12). The rest of Urban Armour Gear's range comes in a few more colours, with almost as much protective power.

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Mophie Juice Pack for S8 and S8+

If you want protection and extra battery power the market leader is Mophie's wireless Juice Pack.

These battery cases will keep your S8 or S8 Plus powered up throughout the day - giving the S8 an extra 2,950mAh of charge, and the S8+ a boost of 3,300mAh. Mophie claims this gives you an extra 33 hours of battery life (S8) and 39 hours (S8+).

Both cases are compatible with Qi and other standard wireless charging systems, or you can just push the button on the case to release the extra charge as you need it. 

Despite its low-profile design (73.34 x 160 x 17.57 mm) it offers robust drop, knock and scratch protection, so your precious phone remains not only powered up throughout the day but properly protected too.

The S8 Plus version can be found on Amazon for roughly £65 or around $28 in the US.

Olixar X-Duo Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

This two-piece case from Olixar is stylish and practical. The bumper and back casing attach together to form a decent shock proof layer, but remember the screen is still left uncovered.

The carbon fibre effect back print doesn't show fingerprints, a change from the naked S8 which is a smudge magnet. A decent, affordable case. 

It's available for the S8 Plus for £12.99 on Amazon, or $14.99 if you're shopping from the US.

Greenwich folio case for Samsung Galaxy S8

This is a premium product with an admittedly premium price, but it's one of the best made cases on the market. Right now, if you buy directly from Greenwhich, you can get it for £39/US$52.

It's also one of the best presented, coming as it does in a presentation box with a wax seal.

The case has a simple flap that protects the screen when closes and magnetically folds around to the back when you're using the S8. Made from European bullhide leather, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is sturdy enough to protect the phone from most drops and accidents.

Greenwich also offers this case for the S8 Plus (£59/$75).

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Samsung S8 LED Cover

The LED cover may block your view of the S8's screen, but it does make up for it with a rather nifty gimmick: built-in LEDs (in case you hadn't guessed from the name).

You just have to press the phone's power button to activate the LEDs, which can give you info on the time, alarms, battery, calls, messages, and music, with 54 different icons available to set for specific callers. You can also swipe on the closed case to answer and reject calls, and there's a card pocket on the inside for good measure.

The UK gets the LED case in six colours, while the US just gets blue ($59.99). It is however available for both the S8 and S8 Plus (£49/$59.99).

Tech21 Galaxy S8 Pure Clear Case

If you want a bit of protection while making the most of Samsung's gorgeous phone design, Tech21's clear case is probably a good choice. 

As the name suggests, it's entirely transparent, so won't obstruct your view of that giant screen or the rest of the phone's design, but it still offers 2m/6.6ft drop protection, so you can still have peace of mind. 

It's available for the S8 Plus (£29.95/$39.95)  as well, and is the same price in either size. though you can find it on Amazon for cheaper (roughly £5/$5!). Tech21 has a whole range of cases for the S8 which you can browse (click here for the US site).

Caseology Parallax for Galaxy S8

Caseology's Parallax case offers a decent compromise between protection and aesthetics. 

The shock-absorbent TPU and polycarbonate shell should protect your S8 from and bumps or drops, while the textured grip along the edges should help prevent those drops in the first place. 

It also makes up for the slightly drab design of the back of Samsung's phone by replacing it with a subtle geometric design, available in either black or burgundy. And don't worry, you can grab it for the S8 Plus too, off Amazon (£9.99/$12.99).

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Alcantara Cover

If you've looked at the S8 and worried that it just doesn't look fuzzy enough, Samsung's official Alcantara case might be your new best friend.

The colourful case gives your phone a suede-like feel, and is also sturdy - and stain-resistant. Since it's an official Samsung case, you can also trust it'll be a great fit too. 

The Alcantara is available in the UK in four colours for either the S8 or S8 Plus (£7.99 or $39.99 in the US).

Peel case for Samsung Galaxy S8

You can keep the S8 or S8 Plus' curved lines in tact with this case from Peel. It offers a slimness not found with many other cases and hugs the design with full access to ports.

It wont stop the beautiful display from smashing should you drop it, but it solves the fingerprint issue the phones have and make it grippier, while protecting it from dinks and surface scratches. 

Ted Baker Galaxy S8 Range

Ted Baker has a range of Galaxy S8 cases available (though only one for the S8 Plus), showing off a range of the company's designs. 

Most notable are the floral folio cases with a mirror inside (£40/US$50) "for on-the-go pampering", though if you'd rather look at your phone than yourself, there's also a more straightforward shell case (£30/US$40). It's not all flowers and glitter either - the Gogo Inlay (£34.95/US$44.95) comes in a more restrained solid navy.

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Griffin Survivor Clear for Samsung Galaxy S8

Griffin make great cases for most flagship phones, and its S8 and S8 Plus range is exceptional.

The Survivor clear here is a no nonsense bumper and rear cover affair, also available here for the S8 Plus (£7.95/US$19.95).

If you want something with more bulk and drop protection, you might want to go for the Survivor Strong for the S8 (£16.68 or $28.99 if you're in the US) or the S8 Plus (£23.36/$29.99).

Speck Presidio for Galaxy S8

Speck boasts that its phone cases are 'designed for impact', so much so that they're built out of none other than 'Impactium', which we're pretty sure they just made up - but as long as it works, we don't mind, and it supposedly offers up to 10-feet of drop protection.

The Presidio cases are sturdy but slim, and should provide ample protection to the body of the phone. They don't cover the screen, but are raised enough at the sides to offer those bezel-less edges a little extra protection.

You can pick up the normal Presidio in a variety of plain colours, but for the same price we prefer the Presidio Grip models - the two-tone ridged design looks great, and protects against slippy fingers.

As you'd expect, you can grab the same range for the S8 Plus too (£14.90/US$12.27).

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper for Galaxy S8

A bumper case is always a great option if you want to shield your phone from the worst of drop damage without covering it up too much, and RhinoShield's CrashGuard is one of the good 'uns. 

Its 'ShockSpread' technology means your S8 should survive drops of at least 11 feet (no, we didn't choose to test that with our review phone...), and RhinoShield claims it exceeds military drop test standards. The bumper is lightweight and super slim too, so you can hopefully almost forget its even there. 

Naturally, the downside of a bumper is the screen itself is unprotected, but for most drops and falls, it'll do the job.

You can grab the CrashGuard case for either the S8 (£19.99/US$24.99) or the S8 Plus (£19.99/US$24.99).

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Mujjo Leather Case for Galaxy S8

Mujjo's leather cases are usually great for offering a premium, understated aesthetic, and their lineup for the Galaxy S8 looks no different. 

Available in either black or tan leather, this is a simple shell case that lets you make the most of the S8 screen and maintains a slim profile for the phone - and head here for the S8 Plus version (£44.91/$47.43) on Mujjo, or Amazon.

Speck Presidio Clear and Print for Galaxy S8

If you're looking for something a little more ornate, Speck also offers a range of clear cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, some of which also boast intricate designs. 

You can grab a totally clear case (£19.95/$6) to show off the phone to the utmost, a glittery variant (£24.95/US$9.99) if you need a bit more bling, or one with a floral print (£24.95/US$44.95) if you find the back of the S8 a bit too plain. 

As with the normal Presidio and Presidio Grip, the Clear cases are made with 'Impactium', but they offer a slightly lower eight-feet of drop protection thanks to a slightly different design - though that should still be enough for most of us. 

Moshi Napa Case for Galaxy S8

The Moshi Napa is a pretty simple snap-on case that combines a shock-absorbing inner shell with a shatterproof frame, together with a vegan leather back and a slick metal speed stripe at the bottom.

You can grab it for the S8 (£29.95/US$8.99) and S8 Plus (£34.95/US$13.99), and if you're not a fan of the leather finish then look at the similar Tycho (£24.95/$6.81), which has a hardshell finish.

US shoppers can find Moshi's selection on Amazon here from roughly $6.

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Olixar Galaxy S8 ArmourDillo

If you're a bit less concerned with preserving the aesthetic and a bit more concerned with having an "impact-resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton" wrapped around your phone, the ArmourDillo might be for you.

It's not much of a looker, but it should keep your phone safe without breaking the bank, and it has a textured non-slip grip, and a small kickstand for landscape viewing. 

You can get it in all-black, or with blue accents (£9/US$12.99), and there's also an S8 Plus version (£9.99/US$5.99).

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet for Galaxy S8

Designed in the UK and hand-crafted in Europe, Snakehive's vintage leather cases are a great way to class up your Galaxy S8 without breaking the bank. 

The nubuck leather is soft to the touch, meaning it a) feels nice, and b) won't scratch up your screen. The wallet also boasts a magnetic clasp, and slots for three cards and some notes.

Snakehive's S8 range includes a few different colours, including some two-tone variants and some pretty snazzy pastel tones, most of which are also available for the S8 Plus (£24.95/$29.99). US shoppers can see Snakehive's US website here.

X-Doria Galaxy S8 Defense Shield

If you want to keep your S8 safe without sacrificing on style (or spending the price of the phone all over again), you might like X-Doria's Defense Shield. 

The case boasts an aluminium frame with clear polycarbonate backing, and a rubber bumper to bear the brunt of any impacts - it can apparently survive drops up to 3m/10ft onto concrete.

The metal frame is also customisable - you can pick between black, rose gold, or the garish 'iridescent'.

The S8 version is currently unavailable in the US, but the S8 Plus (£20.28/$19.95) version is available in the US and UK.

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Terrapin Low Profile Wallet for Galaxy S8

Terrapin's Low Profile Wallet is one of the cheapest wallet cases for the S8 and S8 Plus (£8.95 and £10.95 on Amazon, respectively), so it's ideal for anyone who's already broken the bank on the phone and doesn't want to do the same for a case.

It's made of imitation leather, features a magnetic side clasp that's easy to use and adds minimal bulk, and can be turned on its side for a viewing stand.

The build quality isn't fantastic, but for less than a tenner we can't complain. Check out the rest of Terrapin's S8 range here.

This case is not available in the US, however.

Gear4 Piccadilly for Galaxy S8

Gear4's Piccadilly case is another one designed to show off the S8's hardware, though it promises to do so without compromising on protection. 

The clear case is made with metallic D3O to prevent impact damage, combined with a UV coating to make it scratch-resistant. It won't block access to any ports, and comes in a range of colours intended to complement the S8 itself, including grey, light blue, purple, and a textured black (though only plain black and blue are currently available to pre-order).

As with most S8 cases, there's a variant for S8 Plus owners too. US shoppers can find it here for $19.89.

Obliq Slim Meta Chain for Galaxy S8

Here's something a little different. Obliq's Slim Meta Chain pairs a polycarbonate core with an elaborate chainmail-style backplate, so your phone can look just as protected as it hopefully is.

There's a 1.5mm front lip to make sure that the phone screen doesn't get scratched when you place it face down, though the case as a whole is slim enough that it won't add much bulk to your device.

S8 Plus owners can find the equivalent case for £11.99 on Amazon UK or for $24.99 on Obliq's site if you're shopping from the US .

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn't affect our editorial independence. Learn more.

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