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  • Best phone camera 2017: Landscape

    iphone 7 plus landscape thumb

    Which is the best phone camera for landscape photography?

    04 Jan 2017

  • Best phone camera 2017: Portrait

    iphone 7 plus portrait thumb

    Which is the best phone camera for portrait photography?

    04 Jan 2017

  • The best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    the best cases for samsung galaxy note 7

    The Note 7 is a beautiful smartphone, but it won’t look great with a smashed screen

    02 Sep 2016

  • Best cheap 4G smartphones UK

    Best 4G phones

    We round up the 20 cheapest 4G smartphones you can buy in the UK 2016: cheap 4G smartphone reviews

    24 Aug 2016

  • Best audio phone 2016 UK

    mobile phone audio gt 34

    What's the best phone for music? We round up the thirteen best sounding phones you can buy in 2016

    10 May 2016

  • Best unlocked phones - Best SIM-free smartphones

    android phone call 0141

    The best unlocked phones, and why you should always buy your phone unlocked

    06 Jan 2016

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