Heading off to uni? Not got your own laptop yet? Well have a quick glance at this before you splash your loan on a mega expensive laptop. The chances are that one of these laptops will be good enough for all of your student needs.

5. Dell Inspiron 17R  Dell Inspiron 17R

    •    Reviewed on: 27 June 11
    •    RRP: £529 inc. VAT
    •    Rating: 3/5

The Dell Inspiron 17R is a quality piece of work. It's pretty cheap and looks ace anywhere you take it. The 17R stands high on our list of student laptops and will certainly cater for all of your essay writing/Facebook needs.

4. Samsung RV511Samsung RV511

    •    Reviewed on: 31 May 11
    •    RRP: £534.05 inc VAT
    •    Rating: 4/5

The Samsung RV511 has a shed-load of features and certainly most of the performance you can expect from any laptop under £1000 let alone £600. It's pretty robust too, verging on chunky and plasticky feeling. But if you can get over that, it's a sound package and definitely worth keeping in mind if you've got a budget of £500-ish.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11

    •    Reviewed on: 11 May 11
    •    RRP: £475 inc. VAT
    •    Rating: 4/5

If you're after an excellent piece of kit without a huge price tag then look no further than the The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11. Lenovo’s attention to detail is outstanding and they haven't skimmed on the build quality either. This isn't the fastest laptop by any stretch of the imagination, but it will be nippy enough for your day-to-day Facebook and word processing tasks.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad G570 Lenovo IdeaPad G570

    •    Reviewed on: 30 June 11
    •    RRP: £599 inc VAT
    •    Rating: 4.5/5

You might associate Lenovo as a laptop brand your mum or dad might buy for work, but don't worry, they aren't all work-focused boring laptops as they prove with the Lenovo IdeaPad G570. Think of this as an excellent all-rounder for a good price. The performance is impressive in all areas and the stylish finish and sturdy build quality is just what you need for halls.

1. Toshiba Satellite C660D-10WToshiba Satellite C660D-10W

    •    Reviewed on: 12 January 11
    •    RRP: £329 inc VAT
    •    Rating: 3.5/5

OK, so it's not a Macbook Air or Sony VAIO, but it's £329 and what you're getting is a bargain for that price. The laptop doesn’t look or feel expensive, but you're not going to be the most responsible you've ever been during your three years at Uni, so the fact it's very solid and well-made bodes well. It's also the lightest of the group at only 2.3kg. Battery life is also better than most, making it a better travel companion than the others. Last but not least, its insides are pretty good too. It's definitely got all the processing power and memory you need for student life.

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