Whether you want a portable workhouse with a tasty price tag or a powerful system that can play back Blu-ray video in HD, there's a laptop to suit you. PC Advisor rounds up 10 of the most practical portables on the market.

Things have changed in the world of portable computing. The humble laptop has been transformed from an underspecified and expensive substitute for a ‘proper' desktop PC to a highly capable and desirable item in its own right.

And the success of the portable PC concept means there's now a huge diversity of form factors, designs and price points in this market.

One type of system that has caught the popular imagination is the netbook, a smaller, cheaper, low-spec machine, often running Windows XP or Linux.

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For the purposes of this group test, however, we've chosen two more traditional types of laptop. These offer the sort of spec that will suit most users as an alternative to a traditional desktop PC, or as a fully specified secondary PC.

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