Valentine's Day is upon us, but there are many of us that lack a special someone to share it with. For singletons, many of these tech habits will be all-too familiar (and actually, some of them will actually make those with dates this Valentine's Day quite jealous).

1. You're addicted to Tinder/Bumble

At least this could potentially lead to the prevention of some of the tech habits mentioned later in this article. If you get bored of those two, try these dating apps.

2.  You watch Netflix back-to-back for 48 hours

Read this. And this. You're welcome

3. You're always checking what your ex is up to on Facebook

And your old school friends, who won't stop posting photos of their engagement rings/wedding/babies and you can't stop looking at them despite being royally pissed off by their bragging.

4. You're always using your smartphone's selfie camera to check how you look

Your eyeliner's perfect, honest.

5. You watch sport on an actual TV in your actual house, and not on your phone/tablet

Something those in relationships can only dream about.

6. You've been on a date with someone in World of Warcraft


This can even lead to World of Warcraft weddings, and there is a whole guide to such events on World of Warcraft Wikia.

7. You had enough time to finish Skyrim

And you didn't even have to ask for permission to play it.

8. You set an alarm on your phone to remind you to leave the house at least once a day

Even if it's only for a minute.

9. You've watched every cat video on the internet

Ah, but have you seen this?

10. You listen to Beyonce's Single Ladies on your iPod every day

And put your hands up.

11. You use Private Browsing (a lot)

12. Then you realise you no longer need to bother using Private Browsing

13. Then you discover you've seen them all

14. You've flirted with Siri

Well, she does have a good sense of humour.