If you've just bought a new Note 4 you'll need a case to protect the phone's beautiful Quad HD screen, without obstructing S Pen usage. Here we round up five of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases that won't disrupt the stylus.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases: Case Mate Stand Folio Case

For those of you that enjoy a more ‘classic’ looking case, the Stand Folio Case by Case Mate is ideal for you. The outside of the case is covered with a pebbled, textured finish that looks sleek while the inside is lined with an ultra-soft microfiber, allowing for extra protection and polish.

However, as the name suggests, the Stand Folio Case is much more than just a pretty face. It can be used to prop your Note 4 up, enabling you to watch your favourite films or take selfies completely hands free. There’s not much in the way of choice of a viewing angle as, unlike other folio cases, this one doesn’t have groves in the cover to keep your phone upright at different angles, but it should perform well in most situations.

One of the benefits of this case is that it should also protect your screen when not in use, thanks to its folio style design. It also has 2 card slots that can be used to store bankcards, travel cards etc. It’s not the most expensive case either, priced at £30 on the official Case Mate website.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases: Urban Armor Gear

The Urban Armor Gear for the Note 4 is definitely a case for people that tend to drop their phones and/or break their phone screen. Why? Simply put, the Urban Armour Gear meets military drop test standards so it should be a pretty tough job to smash the screen of the Note 4 when partnered with this bad boy.

The armour shell has been designed specifically for the Note 4 and their composite design combines an armoured outer shell with an impact resistant soft core, providing structural rigidity and all round protection for your device.

Unlike the Stand Folio Case, the Urban Armour Gear case doesn’t have a front cover for your Note 4. It does, however, have scratch resistant rear skid pads and rubber screen surround so that if your phone is dropped, the case should absorb the impact. Don’t worry about getting scratches on the screen either, as the Urban Armour Gear case comes with a HD screen protector that’s apparently designed to guard against scratches.

It’s available in 5 designs; transparent, white, navy blue, orange & black and only costs $39.95 (around £27), which is great value for a case that claims to protect your phone from pretty much any kind of drop damage!

Buy it now on Amazon for £26.60

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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases: Galaxy Note 4 Flip Wallet Cover - Classic Edition

Samsung has developed a Note 4 case that compliments its form factor without adding much bulk. The Samsung website describes the Note 4 Flip Wallet Cover as being “finished in a classic smooth leather-effect finish” meaning that it’s a faux leather opposed to real leather, but for £30 you’re still getting a pretty luxurious cover. It comes in either black or white too, so you have the chance to match the case to the colour of your phone.

Despite the faux leather, the Flip Wallet Cover looks like a stylish, premium cover. A special edge coating on the Flip Wallet Cover contributes to this, apparently giving you a better and more secure feeling of grip, something that’s very important with a larger smartphone. The stitch effect brings a touch of style to the cover, too.

The best feature about the Flip Wallet Cover is that it has an automatic screen on/off, which means that whenever you open and close the cover, the screen will switch on/off, automatically. This can be a lifesaver with regards to battery life, as many flip covers don’t have this ability and owners often forget to lock their phones, leading to a drained battery due to the screen being left on.

Buy it now on Amazon for £18.20

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases: Speck Candyshell Grip case

The Candyshell Grip case is, like the Urban Armour Gear case, a case that wants to give you the ultimate protection for your Note 4. It too has been military-grade drop tested and is certified to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards. Despite this, Speck says “If you drop them hard enough, or from high enough, or at just the wrong angle, your device may still be damaged” – so don’t drop it from the top of a building, or it’s as good as gone.

That’s not to say that the case hasn’t been thoroughly tested though, as Speck has apparently tested its durability and accelerated life against extreme temperatures, cracks and scratches. Not bad for a $40 (£27) case, eh?

The Candyshell grip case boasts raised rubber ridges which Speck claims will make texting, gaming & taking pictures easy. Speck also claims that these rubber edges contribute to a “perfect hold,” even with the Note 4’s large form factor.

Touting a dual layer design, the Candyshell grip cases patented hard and soft layers provide a great deal of protection in a slim profile, making it easy to handle. It also has raised bezels that both protects the screen from impact and adds grip so your Note 4 can be placed, face down, on tables without sliding.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases: Symmetry Series Case by OtterBox

The Symmetry Series Case by OtterBox is another case that offers maximum protection for your Note 4 while offering a case that isn’t bulky and plain looking like many others. There are seven brightly coloured, unique designs that you can choose from with each costing £34.99 – while it may be one of the more expensive options in our list, the Symmetry allows high-end style to go hand in hand with heavy duty protection.

The Symmetry Series case is a dual material, one-piece design case that combines a synthetic rubber interior with an external polycarbonate shell. This produces a case that should withstand most drops, though it hasn’t been military grade tested like the likes of the Candyshell Grip case or Urban Armour Gear, so that’s something to keep in mind.

There’s an internal honeycomb that helps to dissipate the impact of a drop, as well as synthetic rubber raised edges that enable your Note 4 screen to be out of danger if you drop your it. The hard polycarbonate exterior helps to prevent scratches to both case and phone, too.

Buy it now on Amazon for £28