Microsoft tonight held a special media briefing about the Xbox One from E3 in LA. They announced the UK price and release date for the Xbox One. Here you can follow our live blog from the event in Los Angeles, and our video of the Xbox One event as it happened. (For the story so far, see: Microsoft makes a play for the living room with Xbox One.) SEE ALSO: Microsoft Xbox One to launch in UK for November, UK price £429.

Microsoft last month announced the Xbox One - the next generation Xbox console. The new device was unveiled during an event at Microsoft's Redmond campus. It will launch globally later in the year, Microsoft said, and further details were announced tonight at the E3 tradeshow - get those further details in our live blog from the event. See also New Xbox One release date, specs, features and price in UK.

Xbox One event at E3: live stream

Microsoft produced a live stream of the Xbox One event from E3. You can watch the footage above, via Xbox Live, or here:

What is Xbox One?

The Xbox One is much more than just a games console. It is a set-top box that allows the user to watch TV, Skype, listen to audio and browse the web. And it can do these things simultaneously, using the Windows 'Snap' feature. "This is the beginning of truly intelligent TV," said Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi at the original launch event.

The new Xbox One has a new processor, 8GB of memory, a Blu-ray Disc drive and 500GB hard-disk drive and Wi-Fi Direct. It's based on a new architecture that combines a dedicated Xbox architecture with the Windows kernel, on which web apps are run. Microsoft described it as runnning three operating systems at once.

The Xbox One is controlled by a combination of voice, gesture, the controller and the user's smartphone or tablet. "Xbox On," said Mehdi during the original demonstration. The Xbox One is controllable via voice, and proved it by springing to life and presenting a personalised home screen.

Mehdi skipped through a series of commands during his demonstration: "Xbox, watch TV" and so on. It worked seemlessly during the demo, or at least appeard to. Visit Digital Home Advisor. See also: New Xbox specifications revealed.

Look out for details of new games being announced tonight: perhaps Forza Motorsport 5, Halo 5, Fable 4 and Project Gotham Racing 5. We already know that the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts will be launched on the next Xbox.

Xbox launch video - as it happened