E3 2014 starts today in Los Angeles and this page is where you can watch a live video stream of EA's press conference from the show. See also: E3 2014: What to expect from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA and Ubisoft.

Electronic Arts is second in the press conference running after Microsoft so if you haven't managed to make your way over the pond to get to E3 in person, then don't worry, you can watch the live feed right here to see new games announced.

EA's 'World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview' media briefing starts at 12pm PDT which is 8pm UK time so join us on this page for the live show. The EA E3 post show will also be broadcast at 10pm BST.

EA Battlefield Hardline stream

The firm's biggest announcement will be Battlefield Hardline which will be live streamed at 9pm after the press conference. However, we expect EA to also talk about games including The Sims 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition and EA Sports UFC.

See below for a Battlefield Hardline teaser video and tune in to see if EA announces Mass Effect 4.

E3 2014 involves more gaming names than EA so still to come after EA's press conference is Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo so check out how to watch E3 2014 live.