The Nintendo Switch is a great console – there’s no doubting that – but the built-in speakers aren’t amazing. While this isn’t an issue when it’s docked, gamers on-the-go are forced to deal with quiet audio or buy a gaming headset for the hybrid console. But unlike the PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo doesn’t offer any official compatibility with wireless headsets.

Admittedly, there is a way to use wireless headphones on the Nintendo Switch but it’s a risk – a future update could render them useless, though we can’t imagine Nintendo going that far to stop people from using wireless headsets.

The safer option is to buy a wired headset and plug it into the console’s 3.5mm headphone jack. While it’s not as convenient as using a wireless headset, the upside is that Switch-dedicated headsets are generally fairly cheap – all the headsets in our chart are sub-£100/$100.  

We’ve spent some time testing out a range of gaming headsets with the Nintendo Switch to see which are best for the portable console. So, whether you’re battling it out Royale-style in Fortnite or exploring the open world of Hyrule, we’ve got you covered with our pick of the top Nintendo Switch headsets.

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1. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas
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The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is the ideal headset for Nintendo Switch gamers; as well as costing less than £100, the Elite Atlas comes with a short cable alongside a longer cable for use with PC. The shorter cable means you won’t need to wrestle lengths of cabling when gaming on the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, and the in-line volume controls provide a quick and easy way to adjust the volume.

It’s not just a short cable that makes the Elite Atlas desirable for Switch gamers; though it features a plastic body, the metallic grey and silver colour combination and turtle Beach detailing gives it a premium look. The earcups are the star of the show though; like the £229 Elite Pro 2 headset, the Elite Atlas features Aerofit ear cushions that alleviate pressure on your ears. Simply put, they’re amazingly soft and comfortable, even during marathon gaming sessions.

Inside the cups you’ll find Turtle Beach’s signature Nanoclear 50mm drivers. These drivers produce crisp, bright audio with booming bass perfect for both gaming and everyday use. You’ll also find a removable Truspeak microphone that is both clear and fully compatible with Nintendo Switch in-game chat.

2. Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro
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The Logitech G Pro headset is a great all-round gaming headset designed in conjunction with professional eSports players that doesn’t break the bank. The shell is made of a lightweight polymer with hints of stainless steel, and a soft-to-the-touch leatherette strip on the headband makes it more comfortable to wear over long periods.

It’s the earcups that steal the show in terms of comfort. Made from a premium leatherette material with soft foam padding, the large over-ear cups provide not only extra comfort, but also work to create a seal around your ears to provide passive noise cancellation – up to 50 percent more than if another material was used, according to Logitech.

The good news is that if the leatherette padding isn’t for you, you can swap them out for micro-suede also provided with the headset. You can also remove the high-quality microphone when not in use for a cleaner look, allowing you to use the headset as your go-to pair of headphones for commuting.

Featuring unique hybrid-mesh Pro G audio drivers, the headphones deliver crisp audio with booming bass, ideal whether you’re dodging bullets or exploring the open world of Hyrule. It also offers support for Dolby Atmos, though this is limited to PC users and not available on the Switch.

For the price, the Logitech G Pro headset is a hard one to beat.

3. Roccat Khan Pro

Roccat Khan Pro
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The Roccat Khan Pro is a lightweight headset at only 230g, but that doesn’t mean Roccat skimped on comfort. It features leatherette memory foam earpads and headband strip that are soft-to-the-touch while also alleviating any pressure on your ears and top of your head.

The earcups themselves are also aligned with the natural position of your ear to avoid discomfort in longer gaming sessions, and it has a noticeable effect.

The Khan Pro features volume controls on the earcups themselves instead of opting for in-line controls. Unlike other headsets in our roundup that feature removable headsets, the Khan Pro’s microphone can be folded away when not in use. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to mute it either; the mic automatically mutes when folded up and unmutes when folded down.

The Khan Pro delivers rich, bright audio that’s ideal for both gaming and listening to music. It’s more bass-heavy than other headphones in our roundup, which is great for immersive gaming and for fans of bass-heavy music.

4. Plantronics Rig 500 Pro

Plantronics Rig 500 Pro
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The Plantronics Rig 500 Pro is a decent effort at a headset that makes the right compromises to offer decent audio at a sub-£100/$100 price point.

It features a metal headband to provide rigidity and solidity, but the main body is plastic to keep things lightweight and affordable. Like a growing number of gaming headsets, it also features a secondary fabric headband intended to help the headset sit comfortably and lightly, without becoming insecure. Unlike most rivals, this actually works, and the Rig 500 Pro really does sit snugly.

The downside is that it's, well, pretty damn ugly. The angular metal-and-plastic lines and gold finish don't feel very 2019, and this is far from sleek. It's a capital-G Gaming headset, with all the questionable design choices that entail, and Plantronics is lagging firmly behind its competition here.

Audio quality is solid, if not remarkable, but it's decent for the price. The 50mm drivers produce a strong bass response, and there's a noticeable surround sound effect. Audio can get a bit muddied, making it tricky to isolate specific in-game sounds at times, but generally speaking, this makes games sound good.

The microphone is more impressive, with crisp, clear audio that could rival much more expensive headsets. There's no foam windsock to protect against plosives, but that's only a minor downside - especially once you factor in that the mic is removable, and boasts a flip-to-mute function that makes it dead easy to use.

5. Turtle Beach Recon 150

Turtle Beach Recon 150
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If you're looking for something on a budget, we suggest the Turtle Beach Recon 150s. Though marketed as a PS4 headset, the headphones are compatible with Nintendo Switch and sport more of a rugged, robust design than other headphones in our roundup.

It features a leather-wrapped headband and fabric-wrapped earcups that allow your skin to 'breathe' and negates any kind of sweatiness during long gaming sessions, no matter how intense they may be. But despite the soft fabric, we still felt they were a little tight around the ears.

In lieu of in-line controls, the Recon 150s feature independent game and chat controls on the earcups themselves. It also sports a high-quality mic that you can easily remove when not in use, and is compatible with any Switch game that offers in-game chat.

It features large 50mm drivers that produce decent audio quality for the price, and should be more than enough to hear your enemies sneaking up on you when playing Fortnite, although it lacks the clarity present in more expensive headphones.