Fact: Phones and tablets need regular charging. 

Fact: The wall charger supplied with your device may not offer the fastest way to charge said device.

Fact (probably): You have more than one USB device to charge.

Replacing your phone- or tablet's charger is a relatively cheap purchase that can make the world of difference in terms of convenience. If you can charge your device faster you can be back up and running sooner. And if you can charge multiple devices from a single wall outlet, even better.

We've rounded up a range of single- and multi-port USB chargers that will help you get all your devices charged from a single power outlet in the least amount of time.

Though they may all seem fairly similar, you'll want to consider the number of USB ports offered, the power output of each, and the maximum power output of the device (a 10-port charger is of little use if it can support only four at full-speed).

We're focusing purely on phone- and tablet-level chargers here, but you can also see our separate round-up of USB-C PD chargers if you're looking to juice up a laptop or console.

Best USB chargers for phones and tablets

Aukey 18W Power Delivery Charger

Aukey 18W Power Delivery Charger

Offering support for the more recent Quick Charge 4 format and USB Power Delivery 3.0, Aukey's 18W USB-C charger is a single-port adaptor that ticks all our boxes if you're concerned with charging only one device.

It costs £21.99 from Amazon UK, and is about as compact as you'll find such a device without a folding plug.

As you would expect it has all the necessary safeguards in place to combat overheating, short-circuiting and so forth.

Aukey 27W Amp USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery 3.0

Aukey 27W Amp USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery 3.0

For a few pounds more you can buy in essence the same charger from Aukey but with a higher 27W output. That's enough to charge your Nintendo Switch and some USB-C laptops, and is certainly more than enough for your phone or tablet.

This one doesn't specify Quick Charge 4.0, but Power Delivery 3.0 is built-in. Right now it costs £24.99 from Amazon UK.

Tronsmart Titan Plus

Tronsmart Titan Plus
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If you don't need USB-C, the Tronsmart Titan Plus is one of the best desktop chargers we've come across, faster and with more Quick Charge ports than any other, and for not a great deal of money.

With a name like Titan Plus, the size of this thing shouldn't be underestimated. At 300g and 159x81x29mm it's a beast, and roughly twice the size of the other desktop chargers in our chart. But the Titan is designed to sit on your desk and stay there, rather than go with you on your travels as a compact multi-charger.

The design is functional, a matte black box with flashes of gloss at the edges. Lying flat on the desk a Tronsmart logo is visble from the top, and around the back is a dedicated power switch that lets you turn off the charger without unplugging it from the mains - this will prove attractive to those who worry about trickle-charging devices munching away at their electricity bills.

From the front you can see five USB ports, each with a green plastic prong inside. In the world of charging green (or blue) is used to signal speed. And this desktop charger from Tronsmart has loads of it to hand.

All five ports on the Titan support Quick Charge 3.0, plus there's VoltIQ intelligent device recognition for phones and tablets that do not, allowing the Titan to deliver an optimum charge to suit the device.

Rated at 90W, it can deliver a full 18W to each of its five USB ports simultaneously. This means it will be as efficient with one phone plugged in as it would with five.

Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C

Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C
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Anker's PowerPort+ 5 is on the pricey side for a multi-port USB charger, but in return for your cash you’ll get peace of mind from the fact Anker is one of the best-known names in charging tech, plus a USB-C port running at 3A. Anker says it can charge Apple's USB-C MacBook at the full 29W required.

The PowerPort+ also boasts four fast-charging (12W) full-size USB ports for charging your other gadgets. With a maximum output of 60W it can easily support all four of these at full-speed, although if you are also using the USB-C port the amount of power available may be restricted. 

Fortunately, PowerIQ technology means the Anker PowerPort+ will recognise your device type and deliver the optimum charge - it’s possible that not all your devices will draw the full 12W available from each USB output.

Remember that this box will sit on your desk at all times, so appearance is important. The Anker PowerPort+ is nicely designed with the power supply built in, even if it’s a little larger than some desktop chargers we’ve seen at 103x78x28mm.

Its smooth black casing with rounded corners should fit into any office or bedroom without causing an eyesore.