Over the past few days, we’ve seen the temperature rocket. And it’s only May. There are months of summer ahead of us and (fingers crossed) that’ll include lots of sunny days.

This year, many workers will find themselves banished from the air-conditioned offices they’ve become used to. We’ll have to do what we can to make our home offices as cool and comfortable as possible.

UK homes are not traditionally built with hot weather in mind, which is why investing in a few cooling products for use around your pad may pay dividends when it comes to keeping your cool this summer.

So, we’ve rounded up some budget friendly products that won’t break the bank the way a new air conditioning system would.

If you're a Prime member, you may get free next day delivery on some of these cooling products. And if your home situation is a little too warm to be fan-tastic, check out our round up of the best fans of the year

1. HandFan Handheld Misting Fan

HandFan Handheld Misting Fan

There's a lot to love about this mini fan. Not only is it portable, it also offers a three speed settings and runs for 8 hours. It comes with a water tank too so you can mist yourself when you need to. It charges via USB. What more could you ask for at £15/US$18?

2. Mission Enduracool Techknit Cooling Towel

Mission Enduracool Techknit Cooling Towel

The Mission Enduracool towel promises to cool down 30° below the average body temperature.

You'll need to soak it in water first, wring it out and then snap it three times. The towel stays cool for two hours and provides UPF 50 sun protection.

It's available on Amazon for around £23/US$23.

3. Kenley Portable Air Conditioner

Kenley Portable Air Conditioner

This Kenley portable air conditioner is currently just £26.90, down from £29.90. It’s a small, portable device that you can sit on your desk or next to your sofa or bed, for personal cooling. It charges via a micro USB port and will humidify and purify the air you’re breathing.

It's only available in the UK right now.

4. Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Spray

Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Spray

The Magicool Cooling Spray has been around since 1999 and promises to instantly cool you down. It's suitable for all ages and won't affect makeup either.

It's under £10 and is eligible for free next day delivery for Prime members.

5. Taylor & Brown Cooling Gel Mattress Topper

Taylor & Brown Cooling Gel Mattress Topper

Here's an option to keep you cool at night. The Cooling Gel Pad mattress topper from Taylor & Brown promises to keep temperatures down. You don't need to put it in the fridge, but that can help make the bed even cooler for a good night's rest.

It costs less than £30 on Amazon. Available in the UK only.

6. PawPride pet mat

PawPride pet mat

Don't forget your pets! When temperatures rise, our furry friends can struggle. This £9.99 gel-filled cooling mat will provide a haven for your pet, so they can snooze in comfort.

It's non-toxic (which is what you want if your pet is likely to chew it) and will automatically cool down once your pet climbs onto it. There's no need to refrigerate it. The cooling effect will last for four hours, after which it needs 15 minutes to cool down again. It will also soothe achey joints and muscles.