As the days get shorter and the nights chillier, it’s time to dig out your Christmas decorations and start preparing your home for the festive season. If you’re thinking about upgrading your decor this year, you might like to consider new Christmas lights - maybe even smart ones. Here, we share our pick of the best smart Christmas lights available. (Sadly, none of them are able to untangle themselves yet).

Twinkly String Lights

Twinkly Smart Lights

Twinkly offers several smart decorations for Christmas, including a prelit tree, prelit figures and a Twinkly wall, but the original product is a string of Christmas lights, with a twist.

Once wrapped around your tree, you’ll be able to connect the Twinkly app to scan the placement of the lights, and then control them. There is a variety of preset designs to choose from, or you can create your own patterns and colours.

There are four lengths available, so choose wisely depending on the size of your tree. The shortest has 56 LEDs while the longest has 225. They all come with a green string colour.

If you have more than one set of Twinkly lights, you can add them all to your home WiFi and control each individually through the same app. You can also connect them to your Google Home devices to control them using your voice.

They’re available for between £85/$99 and £99/$129.95 depending on the length you choose.

In the UK you can buy them from John Lewis or Festive Lights, while in the US they're available from Amazon.

Brizled Smart Christmas Lights

Brizled Smart Christmas Lights

Brizled Christmas lights are also smart, but they work in a slightly different way to Twinkly’s. You can choose between cool white, warm white or multi coloured LEDs, and the connected app controls the brightness rather than the patterns or colours.

Things get more interesting when you discover the pulse and disco function of the app, which can coordinate the lights with the music you’re playing.

You can also connect the lights to up to five devices, meaning the whole group can control them, although we imagine this could become quite chaotic.

Additionally, there’s a timer and schedule feature that means you can make sure your lights are already on when you arrive home and off when you go to sleep, for example.

The app isn’t quite as polished as Twinkly’s and the usage is a little more limited, but they are much cheaper at £25.99/$32.99 for 200 lights.

They're available from Amazon here.

Zerproc LED Lights

Zerproc LED Lights

Zeproc’s LED smart string lights combine elements from both the Twinkly and Brizled options. Like the Twinklys, the Zeprocs are RGB meaning you won’t need to choose between white and coloured lights, but they’re not designed for creating patterns or intricate designs.

Instead, you can use the pulse and disco function to coordinate the lights with music like the Brizleds, and change the colours to suit your liking. You can also set a timer and schedule in the same way.

The RGB Zerproc lights are only available in the US for $39.99 on the Zerproc website, but in the UK there are Zerproc lights available from Amazon that come in cool white, warm white or multicoloured like the Brizleds.

Nanoleaf Light Panels Starter Kit

Nanoleaf Light Panels Starter Kit

The Nanoleaf Aurora lights aren't typically used for Christmas, but they are smart and they can be used to make your home feel festive if you select particularly warm and cosy colours, or a pattern such as the one shown here.

The Wi-Fi enabled wall-mounted lights can be used to create different patterns and squences using the accompanying app.

You'll get nine panels in the starter kit, which you can control individually to determine the colour, brightness and the speed if you opt for a rotating pattern.

There's also a set available for the same price that can sync with music.

They're not super cheap but they are usable all year round so you'll get a lot of value from them. You can buy them for £179.99/$239.94 from Amazon (click here for UK, here for US)



Like the Nanoleaf, the LIFX LED strips aren't designed with Christmas in mind, but they could be used to add some festive cheer to a room.

Each strip has eight colour zones, enabling you to change the overall theme using a selection of pre-set options in the connected app, or 'paint' your own colours if you want to make your own design.

The starter kit is available for just under £90 from Apple or $80 from

Take a look at our round-up of the best smart lights for more ideas.