Looking for a PC for around £1,000? Then look no further than our comprehensive reviews of the best five PCs for around a grand, on the market in September 2008.

And if none of these systems looks right for you and you want further advice, we've got detailed, expert advice on how to get the best desktop system for under £1,000.

£999 desktop PCs buying guide

Processor: All the systems in this chart use dual-core processors. Intel's E8500 chip continues to dominate our charts, but its reign is coming to an end with the arrival of the E8600. However, there have been some teething problems with this new processor, so we'd recommend holding off a few weeks if you plan to purchase one.

Even in the age of quad-core computing, you should still get plenty of performance from the top dual-core chips. If you want a PC that'll fly through next year's software library, however, a quad-core system may be a wise choice.

You'll have to sacrifice a small amount of speed on today's applications but, in the long run, the benefits are likely to be worth it. AMD's Phenom X4 9850 offers good value for money, as do the later revisions of Intel's Core 2 Quad Q6600.

Memory: At this price point, 4GB should be considered a minimum, especially if you're running Windows Vista. All the PCs here come with at least this amount.

A 64bit OS will take full advantage of your RAM - but check beforehand that your software and drivers will be supported. If you opt for the 8GB Mesh, a 64bit OS is essential.

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