PC Advisor reveals the best 3G dongle and mobile broadband package available in the UK right now.

1. Vodafone USB Modem Stick

Vodafone USB Modem Stick
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  • Reviewed on: 2 April 2008

While HSDPA and even traditional 3G isn't available everywhere, those able to access Vodafone's faster networks could find the USB Modem Stick a life saver.

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2. Virgin Media Mobile Broadband

Virgin Media Mobile Broadband
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  • Reviewed on: 10 October 2008

Running on T-Mobile's network, Virgin Media Mobile Broadband provides decent 3G speeds, and the subscription cost is in line with the best deals on the market.

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3. Three Broadband Lite

Three Broadband Lite
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  • Reviewed on: 19 August 2008

Reasonably priced, with solid coverage and a good selection of easy-to-use dongles, Three is indeed a magic number.

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4. T-Mobile Web n Walk mobile broadband service

T-Mobile Web n Walk mobile broadband service
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  • Reviewed on: 3 October 2008

All in all, T-Mobile has a strong mobile broadband offering, providing decent speeds and coverage. Definitely one to consider.

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5. Edimax 3G-6210n

Edimax 3G-6210n
  • Reviewed on: 15 September 2010

With good range but very slow throughput the Edimax 3G-6210n is one of the better 3G routers out. However, it can’t quite cut the mustard when compared with other standalone wireless routers. A good travelling companion.

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