PC Advisor reviews the best audio accessories you can buy in the UK right now.

1. Sony BDV-IZ1000W

Sony BDV-IZ1000W
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  • Reviewed on: 21 December 2010

The Sony BDV-IZ1000W is a home theatre system that justifies its price tag with good sound quality, a strong feature-set and appropriate styling. If you're buying a home theatre to accompany a Sony TV, seriously consider the Sony BDV-IZ1000W. If you’re buying a system to accompany a different brand, don’t discount it — as it could still be your best choice

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2. Compro C200 Plus

Compro C200 Plus
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  • Reviewed on: 15 December 2010

If you have an analogue video collection that you wish to digitise, and you have the means to play such content, the Compro C200 Plus will make the whole process easy. It's simple to use, and it works well. You may wish to purchase your own cables for ease of use, but with the additional video-editing software bundled in, the Compro C200 Plus represents good value for money.

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3. Sonos Wireless Dock 100

Sonos Wireless Dock 100
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  • Reviewed on: 2 November 2010

If, like me, you’ve ever had your or a friend’s iPod or iPhone in hand and wished you could more easily connect it to your Sonos system and control it remotely, purchasing the Sonos Wireless Dock is a no-brainer. At £99 it’s more expensive than a traditional iPod dock, but then it’s not a traditional iPod dock. It’s a logical and worthwhile extension of your existing Sonos system. I’m buying.

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4. MEElectronics M6

MEElectronics M6
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  • Reviewed on: 18 January 2011

The MEE M6 offers a warm, detailed and an overall good sound quality for a reasonable price. Its over-the-ear design and good build quality make it suited for an active lifestyle as well.

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5. ts02+mic

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  • Reviewed on: 22 March 2011

The ts02 is a great headset with a beautiful design, a warm and relaxed sound, a great microphone, and a unique emphasis on envrionmentalism. There are a number of very good headsets in the £60 to £100 price range including Etymotic’s mc3, Maximo’s iP-595 and V-moda’s Remix Remote that compete well with the ts02, but for some people, the ts02’s environmentally friendly design and packaging, both standout features, will take precedence over relatively minor differences in sound and style.

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