Buying an electric razor, shaver or trimmer is a bit of a confusing proposition, with a whole wealth of different options out there.

Some are for close shaves, some for stylish stubble. Some trim beards, some trim head hair, some trim...other parts. There are rotary razors, foil shavers, and some oddities that aren't quite either. And let's not forget that some are marketed at men, some for women, and some (few) are pushed as unisex. What's a hairy person to do?

With that in mind we've collected our reviews of the best electric shavers, trimmers, and razors under one roof so that you can find the right razor for you - along with enough info to let you make an informed buying decision.

We've tested each of these razors ourselves, at home, so you can trust that these are real reviews. And if you want to see more options - or just save some money - we also have a separate article where we're also constantly looking for the best electric shaver deals, on both razors we've tested and a few we haven't.

Best electric razor reviews

1. Philips OneBlade

Philips OneBlade
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The Philips OneBlade is as close to perfect as it gets. Slap a Micro-USB port on and cut the charge time down and I’d call it flawless, but as is I can’t see any good reason not to recommend this razor to basically everyone.

With three stubble combs by default and the option for a dedicated body blade, this one razor can cover clean shaving, stylish stubble, or body grooming, all in an unbelievably portable form factor. It's lightweight, powerful, and gives a great shave even on tricky areas like the jawline.

All that and it's also one of the most affordable electric razors on the market - though you will have to swap blades once every few months, at almost £10/$10 a pop, though that still leaves it cheaper than most shaving solutions.

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2. Remington G4 Graphite

Remington G4 Graphite
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If you're looking for a trimmer that can do just about anything but don't have a large budget then the Remington G4 Graphite fits the bill perfectly.

Design and build is solid and the interchangable head system works excellently allowing you to swap between different attachments in seconds. The G4 comes with a wide range of different options including a mini foil shaver and detail trimmer. Combine them all and you can achieve just about any style.

Performance is excellent and battery life is good too, although we would like a power lead that plugs into a shaver point rather than a three pin plug.

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3. Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9
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The Braun Series 9 is a great premium foil shaver that’s really only let down by its price. With four cutting elements, ten tilt settings, and an hour's battery this will be overkill for many, but if your hair grows thick and fast enough that you need a close shave daily, this will get the job done well, and quickly, so it’s easy to recommend.

The Clean & Charge station is a little more questionable. It’s undeniably a convenient way to clean your razor, using an alcohol solution to automatically clean, lubricate, and dry the shaving head. It saves any worries about long-term dirt build-up, and while it's a little noisy and takes a while it gets the job done with minimum fuss, except for the fact that you can't use it after a wet shave.

However it’s bulky, ugly, and expensive - both up-front and over time - so it’s only worth it for those with capacious bathroom cabinets and a real shortage of time.

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4. Braun Beard Trimmer BT3022

Braun Beard Trimmer BT3022
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Braun's BT3022 is an effective and affordable shaver. It's lightweight and feels good in the hand, with a lightly textured matt grip, and has a pleasing, simple look.

A control dial moves the detachable comb/guard back and forth to suit the stubble length you want to achieve. There are 20 depth settings, enabling you to easily taper between multiple beard lengths, and the blades showed little inclination to clog up.

We worry a little about the battery performance - the maker claims 40 minutes of use between charges, but our sample died after just under 20 - but as long as you're able to leave it plugged in overnight every few sessions you should be okay.

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5. Skull Shaver Gold

Skull Shaver Gold
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If you need to shave your head as well as your face, then the Skull Shaver should appeal. It's lightweight and comfortable to use. Plus, it has four blades which make quick work of shaving large areas.

It's IPX5 water resistant so can be used in the shower, but also works fine if used dry.

Designed for those in a hurry and who want the minimum of hassle, the Gold also charges over USB and has a useful display showing the remaining battery power.

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6. Remington Heritage Foil Shaver

Remington Heritage Foil Shaver
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The Remington Heritage Foil Shaver undeniably looks the part with its stunning retro style, but the question is whether you will after using it.

Unfortunately whether it’s down to design, power, or simply sharpness this razor simply doesn’t cut it, with inconsistent results and real difficulty shaving under the jaw.

That’s a particular shame since it’s so strong on looks, charging, and portability, thanks to the compact build, one-hour battery life, and two-hour charge time over Micro-USB.

This could still be a good choice for anyone who wants a snazzy shaver and doesn’t mind making a few extra passes every time in return. Otherwise, you can get better results for less elsewhere.

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