PC Advisor reviews the best Apple Macs you can buy in the UK today.

1. Apple iMac 21.5in (Mid 2010)

Apple iMac 21.5in (Mid 2010)
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  • Reviewed on: 26 October 2010

For close-up daily work, we found the size and resolution of this 21.5in full-HD screen to be a comfortable fit. Designers and those looking for large-screen entertainment are better served by the 27in iMac. Formidable attention to detail in design and construction puts the iMac clear of any imitators, while overall performance is plenty fast providing you don’t plan to try much gaming.

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2. Apple Mac mini (Mid 2010)

Apple Mac mini (Mid 2010)
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  • Reviewed on: 22 July 2010

Only the price stands in the way of making this a no-brain recommendation for purchase. At £649, Apple has raised the budget Mac mini to a level where more justification is required for the expense. It doesn’t help that we’re being asked to pay conspicuously more than the $699 in the US. Even after VAT, that’s still around £535 State-side, meaning UK customers are being asked to pay over 20% more. Nevertheless, this remains the cheapest Mac you’ll find, and the condensation of performance components into a space-age case has wrought a step-up in quality and style for the already upmarket Mac mini. The UK price is inflated but there’s no escaping that Mac mini 2010 is a sublimely designed PC, quietly oozing style and with performance to spare.

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3. Apple Mac Pro 12-core

Apple Mac Pro 12-core
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  • Reviewed on: 29 November 2010

There’s no doubt that this Apple Mac Pro represents a colossally powerful workstation, as you’d hope for the price, featuring some of the fastest components that money can buy. It’s also tremendously well assembled and built to last, with comprehensive future upgrade potential.

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4. Apple iMac 27in (Mid-2010)

Apple iMac 27in (Mid-2010)
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  • Reviewed on: 15 October 2010

Upgrades are off-limits and the Apple iMac 27in (Mid-2010) power desktop PC's screen would work even better without the gloss finish. But, given the carefully assembled components here, and provided that games aren’t your bag, there will be little reason to upgrade anything for a long time to come.

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5. Apple Mac Pro 8-Core 2.93GHz [PCA]

Apple Mac Pro 8-Core 2.93GHz [PCA]
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  • Reviewed on: 25 May 2009

It’s probably best not to think about the price when looking at a maxed-out system such as this. Clearly, with a price approaching the £5k mark, the 8-Core Mac Pro with a 2.93GHz CPU is a specialist system that’s beyond both the budget and means of mere mortals. Still, its Speedmark figures speak for themselves, and both data crunchers and 3D video professionals will find the speed increase represents value for money. Aside from that, as a pure object of lust it’s hard to beat.

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