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  • The best smart Christmas lights of 2020

    best christmas lights

    These smart Christmas lights will brighten up your Christmas

    11 Nov 2020

  • Best Sonos speakers 2020

    best sonos speakers

    Our complete buying guide to Sonos wireless multi-room speakers

    11 Nov 2020

  • The best portable photo printers 2020

    best portable printer

    Bypass the PC and print your favourite photos straight from your phone

    06 Nov 2020

  • Best Electric Scooters 2020

    best electric scooters

    Electric scooters are the latest trend, and here are the best you can buy right now in the UK

    04 Nov 2020

  • Best Power Bank 2020: Portable USB Chargers

    best power banks

    We round up the best portable chargers for your phone, and explain what features to look for in a power bank

    04 Nov 2020

  • The best smart lights 2020

    best smart lights

    Control your home's lighting from your phone or tablet

    02 Nov 2020

  • The best digital photo frames 2020

    best digital photo frames

    Show off your snaps with a digital photo frame connected to the cloud

    29 Oct 2020

  • The best instant cameras 2020

    instant camera gt15

    Our pick of the best instant cameras around, from Polaroid revivals to Fujifilm's Instax

    29 Oct 2020

  • Best smart speakers 2020

    best smart speakers

    Smart speakers are all the rage and here are the best ones you can buy

    29 Oct 2020

  • Best noise-cancelling headphones 2020: Silence the sound

    best noise cancelling headphones

    Peace and quiet no matter where you are

    28 Oct 2020

  • Best Amazon Echo 2020

    best amazon echo 2020 smart speaker display

    We rate every current Amazon Echo model

    28 Oct 2020

  • Best true wireless earbuds 2020

    best true wireless earbuds

    We review and rank the top wireless earbuds you can buy

    28 Oct 2020

  • Best USB-C adapters and hubs 2020: Add ports to your laptop

    usb c adapter

    Connect monitors, hard drives and other devices to your USB-C laptop with these adapters

    27 Oct 2020

  • Best eReader 2020

    best e readers

    Is Kindle the way to go or are there other better eReaders out there?

    22 Oct 2020

  • Best smartwatch 2020

    best smartwatch 2019

    Find the right smartwatch for your needs and budget with our buying guide

    21 Oct 2020

  • The best PS4 controllers 2020

    best ps4 controllers

    The DualShock 4 is great, but PS4 controllers can get a whole lot better - here are the best PS4 pads available right now

    20 Oct 2020

  • Best kids headphones 2020

    best kids headphones

    How to choose the best kids headphones. Essential tech tips for parents: protection, design, comfort and noise

    20 Oct 2020

  • Best iPhone MagSafe accessories of 2020

    best iphone magsafe accessories

    MagSafe for iPhone is a game changer for iPhone accessories

    19 Oct 2020

  • Best electric bikes 2020

    best electric bikes 2020

    The best electric bikes for all budgets

    16 Oct 2020

  • Best webcam 2020

    best webcam for streaming

    Webcams come in all shapes and sizes, so which is the best?

    14 Oct 2020

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