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  • Best USB-C docks for laptops 2020

    usb c docks

    Connect your laptop to multiple ports and displays

    04 Dec 2020

  • Best Electric Scooters 2020

    best electric scooters

    Electric scooters are the latest trend, and here are the best you can buy right now in the UK

    01 Dec 2020

  • Best Dash Cam 2020

    best dash cams 2020 main

    These are the best dash cams to buy right now

    27 Nov 2020

  • The best light alarms 2020

    best light alarm

    Start your day well with a light alarm that simulates the sunrise

    26 Nov 2020

  • Best Bluetooth speakers 2020

    best bluetooth speakers

    Got a bit of cash to splash? Then these are the speakers for you

    25 Nov 2020

  • The best smart radiator valves 2020

    best smart trvs

    The best smart radiator valves we've tested

    24 Nov 2020

  • The best travel adapters 2020

    best travel adapter

    Keep your tech topped up on your next trip with one of these travel adapters

    24 Nov 2020

  • Best Powerline Adapters 2020: Powerline Reviews

    best powerline adaptors 2015

    We round up the best powerline adapters you can buy in the UK or US in 2020

    23 Nov 2020

  • The best smart scales 2020

    smart scales

    All the data you need to reach your fitness goals

    23 Nov 2020

  • The best touchscreen gloves 2020

    best touchscreen gloves

    Keep warm and keep using your smartphone

    23 Nov 2020

  • The best smart plug 2020

    best smart plugs new

    Control your home from your smartphone, even when you're away

    23 Nov 2020

  • Best Fitness Tracker 2020

    best fitness tracker 2020 hero

    Lose weight and get fit with one of these fitness trackers and activity bands

    20 Nov 2020

  • The best ethernet cables 2020

    best ethernet cable

    Here's what to look for in an ethernet cable

    20 Nov 2020

  • The best HDMI cables 2020

    best hdmi cables

    Here's all you need to know to keep your entertainment system connected

    20 Nov 2020

  • The best robot toys 2020

    sphero star wars droids

    Build, control, code, play: these are the best smart toys to buy

    19 Nov 2020

  • Best Ethernet switches, Hubs & Splitters 2020

    best ethernet switch hub splitter

    If you've run out of network ports on your router, these hubs let you add more

    19 Nov 2020

  • The best Fitbit 2020: Which is right for you?

    fitbit ionic review03

    We compare Fitbit trackers on price, features, display, specs and battery life to see which is best for you

    17 Nov 2020

  • Best coding and STEM toys 2020

    coding stem toys games

    Teach kids coding with these fun, educational games

    17 Nov 2020

  • Best gaming mouse of 2020

    best gaming mouse reviews thumb336

    Get the edge over your competition with the right mouse. Here are the best gaming mice you can buy right now

    17 Nov 2020

  • Best streaming stick & box 2020

    best tv streaming media box

    We round up the best media players you can buy for streaming TV programmes, movies and more

    16 Nov 2020

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