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Tablets updated 4:30pm, 24 January 2020

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Latest Tablets How To updated 4:30pm, 24 January 2020

  • How to reset Android

    reset android 1600

    There's nothing quite like a factory reset to get your phone running normally again

    21 Jan 2020

  • How to speed up Android

    google pixel 4xl review 10

    Don't make do with a slow phone or tablet

    21 Jan 2020

  • How to Remove Login Password in Windows 10

    remove windows 10 login screen

    Passwords are great for security, but a pain for convenience - especially on computers you use only at home

    17 Jan 2020

  • How to check if a phone is unlocked

    is my phone unlocked

    See whether your phone can accept SIM cards from different networks

    16 Jan 2020

  • How to watch Samsung’s CES 2020 press conference live stream

    samsung ces 2019 press conference live stream

    Watch Samsung announce its new tech for the year, including groundbreaking TVs and smart appliances

    03 Jan 2020

  • How to set up Android

    setup android 800

    Simple steps to quickly get your new Android phone or tablet set up so you can start having fun

    16 Dec 2019

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Latest Tablets Best Buys updated 3:03pm, 24 January 2020

  • Best microSD cards 2020

    microsd cards 1

    Expert buying advice so you get the best microSD card for your device

    21 Jan 2020

  • The best solar chargers of 2020

    best solar chargers powerbanks

    Never grieve a dead phone battery again with these portable solar chargers

    13 Jan 2020

  • Best Power Banks 2020: Best Portable Chargers for Phones & Tablets

    best power banks

    We round up the best portable chargers for your phone, and explain what features to look for in a power bank

    10 Jan 2020

  • Best Kids Apps 2020: Top Android & iPhone Apps For Children

    best kids apps best games apps for kids phones tablets

    Recommended apps for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens

    02 Jan 2020

  • Best eReader 2020

    best e readers

    Is Kindle the way to go or are there other better eReaders out there?

    02 Jan 2020

  • The best travel gadgets 2020

    best travel gadgets and tech

    You won't want to fill your hand luggage with too much tech, but some essential gadgets can make your holiday even better

    02 Jan 2020

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