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Latest Tablets How To updated 5:05pm, 15 November 2019

  • How to watch Sky Go

    sky go

    Use you existing subscription to watch content while out and about

    15 Nov 2019

  • How to Install WhatsApp on a Tablet

    install whatsapp on tablet

    WhatsApp Web is a useful workaround for using WhatsApp on a tablet, but it's not the same as installing the proper app

    14 Nov 2019

  • How to Use WhatsApp Web: Get WhatsApp on Tablet, PC or Laptop Computer

    whatsapp computer

    Access WhatsApp on any device

    14 Nov 2019

  • How to Properly Charge a Phone Battery

    how to properly charge phone battery

    Batteries degrade over time, but you can minimise the effect with our battery maintenance tips and tricks

    07 Nov 2019

  • How to Connect Android to TV

    connect android tv

    We explain how to stream video, photos, music and more from Android to your TV

    04 Nov 2019

  • How to Block Ads on Android

    samsung galaxy s10 family

    Ads are a major pain, especially on your mobile phone. Here's how to stop pop-ups and ads in Android

    30 Oct 2019

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Latest Tablets Group Tests updated 3:42pm, 14 November 2019

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