Navigon Mobile Navigator is expensive when compared to the charged-for competition. It is available for Android, the iPhone and Windows Mobile and as a guide the Europe version costs £49.95 via the Android Market.

Like the less expensive CoPilot Live Premium, Navigon Mobile Navigator offers a lane assist function which helps you see at a glance how you should manoeuvre at the next junction. There are very clear, crisp graphics in this part of the software – even a little information box explaining clearly which road you are leaving and which you are going on to. It makes for good ‘at a glance’ information delivery.

However, in general use we didn’t find Navigon Mobile Navigator as user-friendly as it could be. One of our key problems is the visual appearance of maps. They just don’t have the same sleek design as other products, and we find getting enough detail from them at a glance not always easy. This is partly a matter of personal taste, but also partly down to the use of colour and actual map rendering onscreen.

Navigon Mobile Navigator caters for in-app purchase of add-ons such as new updated maps, which are released four times a year, points of interest, live traffic information and filling stations locations. Buying these will add to what is already quite a steep initial cost.


A mix of relatively high pricing and some mapping that doesn’t appeal visually makes Navigon Mobile Navigator a difficult product for us to recommend.