Vimeo for Windows 8 is a video-sharing and -discovery service. It's used by people wanting to create and share their own work, and to view others handiwork without the commercial programming of YouTube.

The service lends itself well to use with Windows 8, whether on a standard laptop screen or a tablet, since navigation largely consists of scrolling sideways through large thumbnails to see what looks interesting. Unfortunately, for search options, you'll need the web-based version as the app is purely a viewing platform. There's also no facility for uploading footage from the app. Again, this is all administered via your web-based Vimeo account, where you can add film-making notes, add credits, locations, links and tags.

Videos can be star rated, shared and saved for later viewing, while those from channels and groups to which you subscribe can be viewed from within your inbox. While you can also create channels of your own and get email notifications of relevant Vimeo clips, this part is managed via the web. (See also: Windows 8: the complete guide.)

Viewing choices are limited to Staff picks, Everything Animation, Independent Filmmakers and Music Videos and other such channels. The dozen or more videos we watched were clever, insightful and incredibly well edited. In practice, not everything we played in Vimeo for Windows 8 played flawlessly.

Vimeo for Windows 8

There were a number of instances of the video stuttering, simply because of the high-resolution at which it had been recorded causing bandwidth bottlenecks on our usually rock-solid home Wi-Fi connection.

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Vimeo for Windows 8: Specs

  • Windows 8 device, internet connection
  • Windows 8 device, internet connection


Vimeo is a beautifully realised platform for viewing and sharing beautifully crafted videos. The Windows 8 app doesn't offer much in the way of customisation, but as an introduction to a world of stop-motion video and gorgeous cinematography, it comes highly recommended.