Endomondo for Windows 8 full review

Endomondo is a Windows 8 app to help you manage your fitness, providing a console overview of how near you are to achieving your goals and whether you are keeping up with your workout program.

When you first launch this app, you're given the choice of creating a new account or logging in via Facebook to an existing one. Most of its features are accessed via the social network, with the Metro interface primarily reflecting any profile updates and workouts you post there – the idea being that friends will encourage each other in their fitness endeavours. For more on the changes in Windows 8 and how to use them visit Windows 8 Advisor.

Endomondo identifies any Facebook contacts also using the app and suggests you ‘friend' them. Your email contacts can also be invited from within the app, and you can choose to compete or rank yourself against other members. Challenges are offered, with prizes of Endomondo-branded fitness clothing by way of incentive. (See also: Windows 8: the complete guide.)

You'll need to type in your age, weight and height in order for the app to monitor your progress. Workouts need to include distance, duration, exercise type and, if possible, average heart rate. Statistics provides a bar chart overview of how much exercise you've taken or how many calories you've burned.

If you prefer, you can log details of your own workouts and routes. It's not easy to enter routes, though, as the map scrolls in and out at random rather than keeping to the zoom level you've used and letting you plot your run. It also took more than a day for the details we'd entered online to appear, which dampened our enthusiasm for using it via the desktop. For detailed advice on installing Windows 8 Release Preview, read our article: How to install Windows 8.


Endomondo for Windows 8: Specs

  • Windows 8 device
  • Internet connection