The US Robotics Wireless Ndx Router USR805464 is the latest draft-n wireless router to emerge from USRobotics. This particular range is ‘draft 1.0-compliant’ but with draft 2.0 up for approval right now and final ratification due no earlier than September 2008, the value of this badge is moot.

It is, however, Wi-Fi certified for 802.11b and g. The US Robotics Wireless Ndx Router USR805464 is not an unattractive beast, with its bright blue status LEDs and trio of antennae sprouting out of the rear. Apart from the obligatory four Fast Ethernet ports and SPI firewall, some differentiation from the common herd is provided by the inclusion of a USB print server port – it’s a pity that you can’t plug a USB drive in here.

The USRobotics Wireless Ndx Router USR805464's wizard-guided setup is straightforward – it had no problems automatically detecting that it was connected to another ADSL router before making a WAN connection to it. Another timesaver was USR’s automatic encryption setup.

SecureEZSetup works just like the equivalent found on Linksys and Buffalo devices – you press a button on the US Robotics Wireless Ndx Router USR805464, click a button on the client software and, hey presto, a long convoluted encryption key is automatically generated and accepted at both ends. Again it took seconds to connect wirelessly (and securely, using WPA2 with AES) to the Ndx.

Using Ixia Qcheck to measure throughput, we clocked the peak performance of the US Robotics Wireless Ndx Router USR805464 at 33Mbps - a long way short of the theoretical maximum 270Mbps, but par for the course amongst the better draft-n routers we’ve looked at.


We’ve yet to be blown away by the performance of any draft-n wireless device, and the US Robotics Wireless Ndx Router USR805464 does nothing to change this. Nevertheless, it’s an easy to use, nicely priced wireless router that's as fast as its rivals but not significantly faster than MIMO-based 54g alternatives.