ViewSonic VP930 full review

Part of ViewSonic's professional range, the VP930 is a serious flat-panel for heavy-duty use in offices with big IT budgets, and this is reflected in its features and specifications. It's costly, and you can buy cheaper flat-panels with more connectivity options, but few of them can match the VP930's dazzling 1,000:1 contrast ratio.

In keeping with its natural office environment, this is a soberly built, no-nonsense model. If you want designer chic, built-in speakers, a USB hub or a TV tuner you'll be sorely disappointed. The VP930 is as plain as they come. This doesn't mean it entirely lacks beauty, however; the slim bezel keeps the dimensions trim and the gun-metal surround complements the black finish.

Round the back there are two analogue (VGA) ports and one digital (DVI) one, and little else. The menu is navigated with a simple interface. There isn't exactly a wide choice of options, but you have quick access to the most important: contrast and brightness.

We were impressed by the positioning capabilities. As well as a 170-degree viewing angle, there's height, tilt and swivel adjust, and you can flip to portrait mode, which is great for viewing a couple of spreadsheets at the same time.

This requires quite a small font on a 19in flat panel, and average models can't really cope with that, displaying an indistinctive blur. The VP930, however, retains its razor-sharp definition. This also makes the ViewSonic perfect for displaying scrolling news or stock information, because moving text remains highly readable. Image quality on graphics, games and film also comes recommended. The resolution is standard for this size, as is the brightness rating, but the 8ms response time twinned with that contrast ratio make this panel shine. Vibrant colours almost jumped off the VP930, offering intensity associated with good CRT monitors.


ViewSonic VP930: Specs

  • 19in flat-panel
  • optimal res 1,280x1,024
  • dot pitch 0.294mm
  • contrast ratio 1,000:1
  • 170-degree viewing angle
  • brightness 250cd/m2
  • VGA and DVI ports
  • 32bit colour
  • response time 8ms
  • 3-year warranty
  • 412x289x491mm
  • 4.2kg

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