Super Win Menu full review

If you like all your Windows menu choices fanned out at the root level, you'll love Super Win Menu. Super Win Menu is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows XP.

This program sits at the upper left of your screen in the form of a tiny, rather nondescript icon. When you click it, Super Win Menu presents you with a large single menu of the currently running programs, last used programs, and those programs you use most often. It also displays your most recently opened documents. Tiny icons take you to the control panel, printers, task manager, the run command, shutdown, Windows Explorer.

It's all there for you to see when you click on the "start programs" entry on Super Win Menu.

When you click the very last option in Super Win Menu, "start programs," the menu expands to include all the programs you have on your Start menu. Depending on how many of those there are, the menu can grow quite large. One perk: This view revealed to me two programs I'd completely forgotten about.

There's not a lot else to Super Win Menu. It can and will save a lot of clicks or keystrokes that are wasted opening and collapsing submenus in the normal Windows Start Menu. However, if you don't access the Windows Start Menu that often and instead rely on desktop or taskbar icons, Super Win Menu might not be worthwhile. It's also rather pricey for what it does (€15). That said, we all work differently and I'm sure there are users that will love the approach and be willing to pay for it.

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Super Win Menu: Specs

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP