Advanced IP Scanner 2.2 is a perhaps misnamed, but nevertheless potentially useful Windows network scanner. More Windows utility reviews.

Released as a free download by Moscow-based Windows developer Famatech, Advanced IP Scanner 2.2 lets you see the IP addresses of all connected devices on a local network. It aims to locate all the computers on your wired or wireless local network, and scan their ports.

The program promises easy access to resources such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders, as well detect all wireless devices. Advanced IP Scanner is also designed to work with the company’s Radmin remote-desktop software.

Advanced IP Scanner: Features and performance

In terms of sophistication, this is no Nmap port scanner or Wireshark packet analyser, but it does provide a simple and basic overview of what’s connected to your network.

When we tested it on our office subnet, we could see several hundred connected Windows and Macintosh PCs, as well as network printers and network switches.

In the case of Windows PCs, the program can see some additional information about the client, such as NetBIOS name and group. And if you are already using Radmin, right-clicking on a chosen machine gives you a shortcut to commands such as full control, view only, shutdown and text message.

For Apple Macs, you can only view the MAC address of their active NIC, and in some cases we saw Public folder shares on individual Macs.

We also tried the Shutdown PC command. This proved successful on the Windows VM hosting the program, but we couldn’t get it to work on a real Windows laptop, even after authentication.

A facility to Expand All/Collapse All entries is handy to see additional services lying behind some machines – for example, a router’s HTTP admin web interface. The program lets you double-click on that entry to launch a browser for that page.

Famatech Advanced IP Scanner 2.2: Specs

  • Windows PC
  • Windows PC


Unless you run an all-Microsoft shop with suitably configured Windows PCs, Advanced IP Scanner has limited reach. But it could prove useful in Windows environments, especially when Famatech Radmin is already part of the sysadmin’s toolkit. As a free Windows app it provides simple but useful basic feedback about your network landscape.