Ashampoo Gadge It full review

At this price Gadge It is obviously not going to be a full programming or development system, such as Microsoft's Visual series, that allows you to create completely free-form gadgets. What it does do is create small applets that can launch a program, launch your email program to send an email to a specific person, play a music file, open a URL, open a folder, or quit the applet.

These applets may be in the form of a Windows Vista sidebar gadget, Windows 7 desktop gadget, a standalone gadget for XP, Vista, or 7 (requires Microsoft .NET 4.0), a simple menu that runs as an application, or an HTML page that performs actions inside a browser.

The Ashampoo Gadge It editor is much like any WYSIWIG graphics editor. You choose from templates, can create multi-page gadgets, change the background, add/remove/delete buttons, etc. and define the actions invoked by the buttons. The program is very easy to use - you can literally create a gadget in five minutes.

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Ashampoo Gadge It: Specs

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista? and Windows 7. Any computer that runs one of the above operating systems at a reasonable speed, graphic adapter: min.resolution 800 x 600 and 16-bit High color
  • DirectX 9 capable GPU with hardware pixel shader v2.0
  • 1200 MHz (or higher) x86/x64 CPU
  • 256 MB RAM, hard disk space 45 MB