HP Compaq 2510p full review

The HP Compaq 2510p is a laptop built to serve two purposes - easy portability and ability to perform general computing tasks.

The HP Compaq 2510p executes these functions pretty well, but don't expect it to run resource hungry tasks of any sort. The model we received weighed just 1.6kg and combined with its small form, this is an extremely portable computing device.

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Configuration and performance

Powering the 50255998 is no ordinary CPU - its an Intel Ultra Low Voltage U7600 that gives the laptop excellent battery life. The CPU specifications are modest - a clock speed of 1.2GHz, a 533MHz FSB; but what's impressive is its TDP of 10W, while the LV (Low Voltage) series have 17W, and other Core 2s have 35W. This means, lesser heat production on the Compaq 2510p, and also long battery life. Our test unit lasted a very impressive 396 minutes of MobileMark 2005's Productivity Suite.

A six-and-a-half hour battery backup from a laptop weighing little over one and a half kilos is noteworthy. When it comes to computing performance, the limitations of the CPU become apparent. Our real-world benchmarking suite, WorldBench 6.0, yielded a score of 44 for the HP Compaq 2510p - which is very poor. Compared to mid-range laptops that use faster CPUs, heavy tasks such as 3D modeling (using 3DSMax) took almost twice the time to complete on the HP Compaq 2510p.

For a typical business user however, the intended tasks are office applications, browsing and email. For these purposes, the HP Compaq 2510p will serve well. In less resource-hungry tasks, the difference in performance compared to a mid-range laptop was less that 20 percent. The 1GB RAM helps here; and a 100GB hard disk will ensure it is quite some time before a business user runs out of space.

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