Samsung TA750 full review

When living arrangements dictate that a single room is used for both work and play, you'll probably find room for only one big screen in your life. Featuring a built-in FreeviewHD tuner and 3D support, Samsung's LT27A750 TV and monitor fulfils both roles admirably – and a lot more besides.

Because it's a monitor, you get an adjustable, tilting panel, and controls at your fingertips. Because it's a TV, you get a full-sized remote control and a user interface big enough to be operated from across the room. When compared to a standard monitor, the Samsung TA750 is also packing a few extra inches and is considerably better looking. See also: Group test: what's the best TV?

The super-slim 27in LED-backlit panel is large enough for big-screen entertainment, yet small enough to serve as a PC monitor. Featuring a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, the Samsung TA750 is capable of full-HD 1080p playback and comes with a host of premium features.

A thin, glossy black bezel is enhanced with a transparent surround and sits atop a small circular base unit with decorative silver trim which also houses eight softly-illuminated touch-sensitive controls for use when sitting at your desk.

There's no VGA socket, so you'll need to connect your PC via one of the two provided HDMI ports. Other inputs include Component and Composite Video, SCART and an RF input for your antenna. See all: Digital Home reviews

Digital terrestrial broadcasts can be viewed, including Freeview HD, via the built-in tuner. Picture quality of high-definition TV was very sharp. An ethernet port is also provided which we hooked up to our network, enabling us to browse and play back media from our Synology NAS drive with no need for any user setup.

A dedicated button on the remote control brings up Samsung's ‘Smart Hub' which provides a content-rich media centre-like environment, gathering media from broadcast TV, your LAN and the internet.

Favourites such as BBC iPlayer are pre-configured. You can even download and install apps directly onto the TV. It's simple to use and the software updates itself periodically enabling new features. See also: Group test: what's the best display?

In addition to supporting 3D Blu-ray, you can also display content from your PC in 3D using either the supplied software or a third-party solution such as nVidia's 3DTV Play. The LT27A750 uses active shutter-based 3D glasses rather than the cheaper passive polarised type.

Our 3D copy of Alice in Wonderland was rendered with a very convincing 3D effect the right-eye image bleeding very slightly into the left-eye. This was only really noticeable while reading the movie's main menu and it's certainly no worse than the similar effect you might detect in a real IMAX 3D cinema. Most of the time, we didn't notice this issue at all.

Samsung TA750: Lab results

Our Spyder 3 calibration tests measured some bright, highly saturated colours, although a little calibration was needed to bring them fully into alignment. This is entirely normal for a TN panel and the LT27A750 performed considerably better than many displays based on this technology. Colour spread stretched to 82.6% of the NTSC gamut and 116.6% sRGB.

Maximum measured brightness was relatively high at    255 cd/m2, with black point luminance at just    0.46cd/m2.
Contrast ratio was 682:1. As you might expect of a TV with extra electronics, power consumption was a little higher than a regular monitor. We measured a maximum of 52W at full brightness and 37W at 120cd/m2.

The huge array of adjustments available via the menus enable you to get the picture just how you like it, although viewing angles are still somewhat restrictive.

The panel itself is very glossy, so you'll need to place it facing away from windows and indoor lights.

Built-in stereo speakers were capable of delivering clear audio without distortion from the 7W amp even at high volume levels, however as you might expect, there's little in terms of bass response.

Samsung TA750: Test Results

Maximum measured brightness:         255 cd/m2
Measured Black point luminance:        0.46 cd/m2
Maximum checkerboard contrast:        682:1
Percentage of NTSC gamut:            82.6%
Percentage of sRGB gamut:            116.6%
Power consumption at maximum brightness:   52W
Power consumption at 120 cd/m2:        37W


Samsung TA750: Specs

  • 27in 3D monitor
  • 1920x1080 resolution
  • TN panel technology
  • LED backlight
  • ‘Mega DCR' dynamic contrast
  • 300cd/m2 brightness
  • 170/160 degree (H/V) viewing angles
  • 2xHDMI, RF in, Component in, Composite in, SCART
  • audio in/out
  • DVB-T2 tuner
  • CI slot
  • 2xUSB 2.0
  • stereo speakers with 7W amp
  • Dolby Digital Pulse, dts 2.0, SRS TheatreSound HD
  • Smart Hub media centre
  • picture-in-picture support
  • 1 pair 3D switching glasses
  • IR remote control
  • 631x454x191mm
  • 7kg

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