Trust Bluetooth Optical Mini Mouse full review

It's been a long and mostly rocky road for Bluetooth. What should have been a simple and inexpensive wireless communication standard hasn't been universally accepted as the de facto wire replacement.

One particular area in which Bluetooth would appear to make sense is wireless peripherals, but market isn't exactly flooded with them.

Bluetooth's most obvious advantage comes when you have a number of devices with it built in. So, if your notebook already has Bluetooth, adding a Bluetooth mouse is simply a matter of clicking a few buttons and you're ready to go. You also don't have to bother lugging round proprietary USB dongles that need to be removed and not lost when you pack your notebook up. If you don't already have Bluetooth, then the addition of a USB adapter provides more than a single purpose.

Not only can you talk to your keyboard and mouse, but also your mobile phone and PDA. Potentially you can hop on a network or two as well. Bluetooth makes perfect sense for the traveller - less things to carry and more uses for the ones you do. You'd be hard pushed to find a notebook these days without a built-in touchpad or track point, and while they're adequate for use on the go they can be cumbersome and slow.

Enter Trust's Bluetooth Optical Mini Mouse - if you've got Bluetooth built in and it supports the HID profile, then just turn it on, press the Connect button and add it to your recognised Bluetooth devices.

Trust's design is effective, providing a good trade-off between size and ease of use. You'll find two buttons and a scrollwheel, and the whole thing is finished in a rubber-feel plastic. If you find yourself with desk space available it certainly beats using a touchpad.


Trust Bluetooth Optical Mini Mouse: Specs

  • Class II Bluetooth mouse
  • compatible with Bluetooth equipment that supports the HID profile
  • 800dpi resolution
  • requires 2xAAA batteries