Truffol Signature iPhone case full review

TRuffol Signature iPhone 5 case 5s wood

The new iPhone 5S is a premium product (not that the old iPhone 5 or new iPhone 5c aren’t expensive…), and so slipping it into a cheap and cheerful silicon case somehow just feels wrong – unless you have no cash left after the initial outlay. See: iPhone 5s review.

Sure you want to protect your phone from bumps and scratches but do you really want to hide its beauty in a cheap case?

Truffol has an altogether different idea – put your iPhone 5 or 5s in a luxury case that makes people take an even more admiring glance at your smartphone. Another luxury case maker is Sena, which specialises in quality leather cases, but doesn't have anything in wood. See: Sena case reviews

Truffol’s new luxury iPhone 5s (it also fits the iPhone 5) case is called the Signature.

The company believes that those with a little extra in their wallet will love its beautiful craftsmanship and design.

The Truffol Signature stands out from the iPhone case crowd by coming in two parts – three if you include the fiddly bit.

It’s a fusion of aluminium frame and stainless steel, leather or wood backing piece. It features nylon brushing for a smooth texture without any nasty fingerprints.

The frame is available in silver, navy, and black. The Signature case, which features an inner polycarbonate layer for shock absorption, comes in three flavours: Stainless Steel, Italian Leather, and Wood.

We tried the “Nature” wood finish. It’s available in Bamboo, Black Bamboo, Cherry Wood, and Walnut. Truffol says that these are made from machine-milled wooden or carbonized bamboo blocks that are then hand polished. The finish is smooth and, yes, a little luxurious.

TRuffol Signature iPhone 5 case 5s bamboo

The back is paired to the Signature frame via six rubber-coated stainless steel clips that feel nice and sturdy.

The leather back is trimmed to a precise thickness of 0.4mm for a wrinkle-free finish. It is available in Orange, Red, Navy and Black.

Truffol Signature iPhone 5 case 5s red leather

The “Minimalist” rubber-coated steel back is anodized in Midnight Black, and paired with a 16-karat electroplated rose gold PVD sleep/wake button. Backs are either Black or Grey.

The Signature ships in a two-part box that reminds us of a luxury pen set. Unboxing it is a similar experience to unboxing the iPhone itself – albeit in a slightly flimsier box.

One part contains the aluminium front/side frame and a tiny piece that works as the mute button. Fitting the iPhone into this part of the Signature is a little fiddly but not difficult. Once in place you fit the second part, which is the alumimium, leather or wood-finished back. Again, it’s not as easy as slipping on a silicon sleeve but you shouldn’t need to take the phone out again for any reason.

Truffol Signature iPhone 5 case side

Once in place it feels like one smooth piece, and we were particularly taken by the covered button overlays. The Volume controller rocker is a much nicer feel than Apple’s little buttons.

The Truffol Signature case for iPhone 5 and 5s is not cheap. It costs US$75 plus $9.99 shipping to UK, Europe and Middle East. That works out as about£50 in total.

Truffol wooden iPhone 5 cases


Truffol Signature iPhone case: Specs

  • Fits Apple iPhone 5 and 5s.