Nike+ SportsWatch GPS full review

This new TomTom Nike+ SportsWatch GPS combines the wireless tracking of the Nike+ shoe pod (that many people use with an iPod or iPhone) with a GPS location service so you can map your run as well as measure it.

It’s a stylish black with a neon green underside, and it’s considerably smaller than other GPS watches. A really nice touch is that the strap doubles as the USB cable.

Set up is easy. Insert the watch to your Mac or PC and a SportWatch folder appears, inside is a link to the Nike+ website where you can download the Nike+ connect software. This is used to set the time, adjust settings, and update any new firmware to the device; the Nike+ Connect software is then used to upload your workouts to the Nike+ website.

Hold down the green button and it will hook up with the sensors (both GPS and the Nike+ shoe pod) then go for a run. We found it took a while to find a GPS connection so using it with the shoe pod is definitely recommended. If you don’t own a pair of Nike+ trainers you can use the Marware Sportsuit Sensor+ Case to attach the pod to any pair of trainers.

After your run you upload data to the Nike+ website, where you check out metrics such as the distance and speed of a run, as well as check out the map of your route. You can also set up training programs, goals, and sports bores can share their activity on Twitter and Facebook.


Nike+ SportsWatch GPS: Specs

  • GPS by TomTom
  • Nike+ Shoe Sensor
  • Touchscreen interface
  • USB
  • 37mm x 256mm x 16mm
  • 66g

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