Studio Neat Cosmonaut full review

The Cosmonaut, from US-based Studio Neat, was born out of the desire to create a great stylus that didn’t try to replicate the feel of pen on paper. The makers say the idea was to feel more like a dry erase marker, which should mean more responsive mark-making on iPads and tablets.

Despite concerns about the size and shape, which resemble a child’s large crayon, we were impressed. The Cosmonaut offers a control and precision lacking from slighter, more traditional pen-like options, working well with not only the iPad, but iPhone and iPod touchscreens too. See all tech accessories.

The all-rubber build is nicely tactile and pleasingly comfortable, and should appeal to anyone who struggles to grip a smaller stylus. The tip is responsive and doesn’t suffer from the soft, rubberised feel of some rival offerings.

As well as designing, drawing and painting on the iPad, the Cosmonaut produces nicely legible results when it comes to writing. Designed and manufactured in the US, it feels solid and well made, and comes with either a subtle cherry wood or aluminium accent.

Buying Advice:
The Cosmonaut is a novel-looking stylus, which does a precise job of mark-making on your touchscreen device. Ideally suited to more creative pastimes such as doodling, drawing and painting, the Cosmonaut also proves an excellent all-rounder.Studio Neat Cosmonaut review


Studio Neat Cosmonaut: Specs

  • Compatible with: iPads, iPhone and touchscreens