ZAGGfolio for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 full review

When writing a review for a keyboard, it only seems fair that it should be reviewed on the keyboard itself. So here it is, the ZAGGfolio for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review written on a ZAGGfolio for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. See also Samsung Galaxy S3 release date, specs and rumour round-up.

If tablets are going to live up to their hype and truly conquer the laptop, then they have a few hurdles to overcome first. As anyone who has tried to write anything substantial on a tablet will know, it's a pain to say the least. Having to continuously look up to make sure what you have just pressed has been registered by the touchscreen, ruins any chance of building up typing momentum; and results in you losing your trail of thought immediately. Not ideal. Visit Group test: what's the best tablet PC accessory?

This is where the ZAGGfolio comes into play. To put it simply it's a small keyboard. Yes, it does other things too, but, it's primary function is to make the painful task of typing on a tablet...well...not painful. And credit given where credit's due, the ZAGGfolio makes typing on tablets a hell of a lot less painful. I can feel the stress subsiding with every key pressed, ahhhhhh. See also Group test: What's the best tablet PC

The keyboard works with the tablet via Bluetooth and it's pretty receptive too; very close to the real thing in fact. The only time you'll notice a delay is when you hold down the delete button too long when editing text. This has happened a couple of times already while writing this review - lucky there is a handy undo button on the tablet, which has saved my bacon a couple of times! The battery life for the Bluetooth keyboard is seriously impressive, If you use it semi regularly, then you'll only need to charge it once every several months!!! All-in-all it's a million times better than having to type on a tablet's touchscreen.

Design-wise the keyboard does remarkably well too. It boasts a Qwerty keyboard - specifically designed to match the Galaxy Tab's keys - and somehow, it doesn't feel too squashed. This is an achievement-and-a-half as it is all squashed into space the same size as the tablet itself. It's so good in fact that you have to keep reminding yourself that your not working on a laptop and not all of your keyboard shortcuts don't work on your tablet. That's really all we can say about the keyboard, "it works pretty well".

ZAGGfolio for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ZAGGfolio Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The rest of the ZAGGfolio's design however isn't quite as good. Yes, it has a clever folding stand, all the holes in the right places, and everything is as it should be, but as a whole it doesn't feel cool and that's a problem as that's one of a tablet's major selling points. For example, the great thing about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1  is how thin and lightweight it is - it's probably the one thing it has over the iPad! All of that is immediately lost when you slot it into that ZAGGfolio; it changes from a cool and plucky tablet into a pretty lame laptop!

You can buy the keyboard on its own for €80, as the ZaggKeys Flex.

Charging your tablet while it's in the the Zagg case is a no-go too and trying to pry your tablet out of the Zagg shell takes a slightly more effort than one has become use to with 21st century gadgets. That said the screen stand is nifty and I'd rather go into battle with the ZAGGfolio for Smashing Galaxy Tab 10.1 in my arsenal than without it.


ZAGGfolio for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Specs

  • Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard
  • 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery - battery will last several months of normal use without charging
  • USB to micro-USB charging cable
  • 261.6 x 180.3 x 22.8mm
  • Weight: 567, Keyboard only: 262, Folio only: 180