One of the most popular cases for the Apple iPad 2 is the Apple Smart Cover. Why? Because it’s smart and covers the iPad? Because the salesman who sells you the iPad tries to flog you the Smart Cover at the same time? Because Apple makes it easy for you to add it to your online order? Because it’s made by Apple?

It’s probably true for all of the above reasons but as a protective cover it doesn’t really live up to its name. You see, it doesn’t actually cover the iPad.

Apple’s Smart Cover covers just the front, which admittedly is the most fragile part of the tablet. It leaves the lovely looking back as exposed as it was when you first unwrapped it.

A scratch or two on the back isn’t going to harm your use of the iPad 2, but when you’ve spent a minimum of £399 on something rather beautiful you probably don’t want it to get roughed up too quickly.

That’s the dilemma with all iPad cases. The tablet itself is a design classic, so what do you do to protect it? You hide it in a protective case. It’s rather like those oddballs who cover their soft furnishings in clear plastic. Yes, the wear and tear issues are greatly lessened but so your enjoyment.

Even a beautiful iPad case obscures the tablet’s own attractiveness.

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Of course most cases do more than protect. They offer neat stands, magnetic clasps, and energy-saving touches. And most leave the ports and speakers free of obstruction. Not all, but most.

Snugg back cover companion

The Snugg Smart Cover Companion - iPad 2 Back Cover fixes this Smart Cover flaw by protecting the back of the iPad while the Apple Smart Cover does its job on the front.

It’s a tough but flexible slip-on case made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which gives the added benefit of being highly resilient to oil and grease.

The design allows superb access to all the ports and sockets so that you can continue to use your external peripherals such as keyboards and portable iPad chargers without needing to remove the iPad from its case. This is true of most cases (woe betide a case that obstructs the ports, speaker or camera) but the Snugg Smart Cover Companion is spot on here.

The Snugg’s speaker cut-out is better than other alternative Smart Cover companion back covers, such as the Tech 21 Impact Base.

The Impact Base looks smarter than the Snugg, all in black with extra protection in the form of an advanced polymer lining inside the cover.

The Snugg Smart Cover Companion, on the other hand, is transparent, which means you can see the iconic Apple logo. That said, we’d have preferred not to have the large Snugg branding on such prominent display.

Although see-through it is available in black and blue. The black looks rather olive-green against a white iPad 2.

Snugg Smart Cover Companion - iPad 2 Back Cover: Specs

  • Fits Apple iPad 2.
  • Fits Apple iPad 2.


Apple’s Smart Cover is all very well but only covers the front of your precious iPad. The Snugg Smart Cover Companion is a neat, affordable solution that gives you peace of mind that the tablet’s back is also protected.