If the iPad is a success despite Apple’s usual premium pricing then it makes sense that its accessories can be luxury goods, too.

I haven’t seen many cheapo iPad cases but plenty that are over £40.

Apple’s own iPad case (£30) is non-slip and slim but marks too easily.

The Incase Convertible Book Jacket is smart with its Moleskine-like elastic closure and multiple viewing angle, but is pretty chunky. The faux-leather finish gives a satisfactory level of plushness.

If you want your iPad case to be both smart and luxurious go for one of Sena’s genuine leather cases.

Sena iPad case ZipBook

Both the Sena Folio and ZipBook iPad cases are reassuringly expensive, at a cool £69.95.

The Sena ZipBook (available in black, brown and a stunning red) is made with shock-absorbent padded premium leather that cushions the iPad’s screen from knocks.

With fitted zip it does take longer to open than Apple’s iPad Case, but not much more than the Incase Book Jacket or Sena’s own Folio alternative.

Sena iPad case ZipBook

The snap-out back stand offers a comfortable viewing angle.

There’s no wallet-style pockets like you get with the Folio, as the ZipBook is just that – a luxury leather padded protective case that looks fantastic.

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A simple, ultra-smart, luxurious genuine leather iPad case available in black, brown and stunning red.