Sena makes a range of luxury leather cases for the iPhone and iPad – as well as for BlackBerry, Android and other major mobile brands.

We loved some its quality cases for the original iPad, and have now seen some of the company’s cases for the iPad 2.

As the iPad 2 is slimmer than the first model users who upgrade are also faced with the extra cost of updating their cases. In fact the iPad 2 will fit many iPad 1 cases, although in most it appears to be wearing a jacket that's rather too large for it and so will shake around inside, and even possibly fall out. And that's not why you bought a protective cover for your beloved tablet, is it?

The Florence (Sena uses Italian leather, hence, we presume, the name) is a new design that’s not available for the iPad 1. It’s a very slim profile leather book-style case that boasts an integrated two-position folding for landscape viewing and typing.

Sena Florence iPad 2 case stand type

The Florence iPad 2 case will sit in portrait position but a little awkwardly in 90-degree stiffness. As this isn’t an intended stand position we shouldn’t fault the designers, although a portrait stand would have been appreciated. And, to be fair, Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover doesn’t include a portrait stand.

The full-grain leather is top quality with a soft velvet interior lining with light protective layer you don’t often see in such executive tablet cases.

It might lack magnetic neatness of Apple’s own Smart Cover but it offers full protection compared to the Smart Cover’s screen-only protection.

It’s not as cool as the Smart Cover but it’s more luxurious and business like. It is available in four different colours: black, tan, red and brown.

Sena Florence iPad 2 case stand

The cover secures with a very neat and simple corner tucking closure rather than a popper, which ensures maximum slimness and luxury feel.

(The price feels luxury, too!)

There are the usual cutouts for play-thru camera functionality, charge/sync port openings, and easy device access.

Sena Florence iPad 2 case: Specs

  • Compatible with Apple iPad 2.
  • Compatible with Apple iPad 2.


The Sena Florence iPad 2 case is a very smart executive leather case at the luxury end of the iPad case market. It offers excellent protection from minor knocks and scratches without adding too much bulk.