Everything Tablet 360 rotating case full review

We like the second-generation Nexus 7 a lot (see our new Nexus 7 review) and although you could use it without a case, the chances of it getting damaged are greater.

We’ve seen Everything Tablet’s 360 rotating case twice before (for the new iPad and iPad mini) and liked it on both of Apple’s tablets.

It’s now available for the new Nexus 7 and has the same design as the case for the iPad mini. The Nexus clips in to a secure plastic shell and a soft lining on the inside of the folding cover protects the screen.

Everything Tablet Rotating 360 Nexus 7

An elastic strap keeps the case shut – when you open it, the Nexus automatically wakes up. When you close it again, the Nexus 7 sleeps.

The main attraction of the case is the circular hinge which allows you to turn the tablet from landscape to portrait so you can stand it in either orientation.

There’s just one groove to hold the Nexus in place, so you can’t adjust the angle – unlike on the bigger iPad case. As we’d expected, the Nexus 7 was a lot more stable in landscape; give it a prod in portrait mode and it’s liable to slip out of the groove. However, if you just need to read content off the screen, it’s fine.

Everything Tablet Rotating 360 Nexus 7

Everything Tablet Rotating 360 Nexus 7 portrait

For watching videos or using Skype, the stand mode is great. When you’re holding it in your hands, or using it flat on a desk you can fold the cover back on itself. It provides a slight angle which is a bit more comfortable when typing.

Build quality is good, but note that the design means your tablet isn’t protected on every edge. Large cut-outs at the top and bottom leave the Nexus 7 a little exposed to damage if dropped, so if you’re looking for complete protection, this might not be the case for you. However, overall protection is good.

One slight niggle is that the elastic band covers the headphone socket when the case is shut, but you can still plug your headphones in if you’re determined.

Everything Tablet Rotating 360 Nexus 7 front

Currently you’ve a choice of two colours: orange or black carbon. The latter is our favourite since the faux carbon fibre matches the Nexus 7’s black casing and has a great texture.

Weighing just 126g, the case doesn't add too much mass or bulk to the Nexus 7, which itself weighs only 290g.

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Everything Tablet 360 rotating case: Specs

  • Compatible with 2nd-generation Google Nexus 7